Contest time!

July 5, 2007

I told ya….

5 minutes for mom is doing a contest for a Neat Receipts Scanner.  It’s a GREAT idea for reducing paper junk.  I know for me personally I would LOVE to own one to get my medical receipts and bills under control.  Plus it’s great for flex spending.  Now my hubby is having illusions of grandure cause he thinks it would be great for his business receipts, but he can just bite me cause I don’t share!

Feel the love?

Since I don’t share, don’t worry about going over to 5 minutes for mom and signing up.  I just linked to them or else I wouldn’t qualify for the contest.

{…i think i might be taking this contest thing a little too serious…}


Dear 5 minutes for mom,

If a dark haired woman by the name of Stacey (aka Gidget) tries to convince you of her need for this prize, please note she is…well.  See, it’s a sad thing about this Stacey girl…she’s taken so many pictures that looking through her camera lens has sort of warped her view of reality. 

You and I both know that I’m your girl on this contest.  We’ll just have to keep Stacey in our thoughts and prayers.

Stacey:  greenguy.gif


  1. Never can be too serious when it’s a contest, don’t worry. Okay, yes I’ve been working (still am, sigh) AND my boys had a swim meet tonight, so it’s a late one.

    But still….me quiet? Perhaps it’s all relative. Because you’ve done and outposted half the blogosphere in one day, girl! My computer was smokin hot when I wantedered over here. I’m very proud of you, Gigi, you done good for yourself. xoxox Gidget

  2. But I’m betting you look very fine in a tank top–I haven’t pulled that off since 12! Happy Happy Friday my friend!

    xoxo The Gidge

  3. HELLO HELLO! okay I will skip that contest just for you okay? Good luck!

    will take a lot for me to catch up in the blogging! I am wore out from my vacation. LOL

    Have a Great Friday!!!

  4. Alrighty… I will sit this one out – just for you!!
    Feel the love??
    You crack me up!! Love your blog posts!!
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  5. Not me, I’m going for it and I’m out to win—in a tank top. Splain that one, Gigi!

  6. Okay, it’s uppppp– go check it out!

  7. Okay, I just went and checked out what you all are trying to win. Heck, I already have one of those. (Or Hubby does I mean) So you two go ahead and fight over that. I will stand back and watch! LOL

  8. You are soo in trouble, Gigi-I’m going to win this scanner and ride down to the caves with it strapped to my hood like an ornament, then I’m going to make you stand there and watch as I scan and scan and scan….best of luck GiGi (said with a scowl, kk) Oh yeah, and xoxoxo The Gidge (dark hair, warped reality psh!)

  9. Wow…hope you win with THAT one. I think I would have thrown the playpen out and stuck the kid in the shower with it ON.

  10. I see you are about as much a nut for contests as I am!! Come by my contest and review blog – From Dates to Diapers. You’ll be glad you did!

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