Rockin’ Hallelujah

July 5, 2007

When it comes to music I’m pretty much a 70’s girl.  I do like me some head bangin’ stuff, but I’m all about groovy peace.  See, I don’t remember a lot of 80’s music.  Partly I wasn’t in the country and partly because…well, let’s just say I don’t remember.  However, there is this one singer.  No.  A man with a voice of thick honey that swooned my soul!  {Ahddddddd — rolling of tongue with much gusto!}  Let’s all belt it out together now:

“Woah, woah!
 We’re half way there.
Woah, Woah!
Livin’ on a Prayer.
Take my hand
and you’ll love it I swear!”

…or whatever.  I never was good at lyrics.

The point is Jon Bon Jovi was going to marry me!  He was going to sing songs about me!  He was going to flick his head just so, throwing his wild mane to the side while winking that killer wink right. at. me.  I was going to give him a bunch of bushy-headed babies!

Ok, stay with me now. Fast forward many years…

Last week I’m sitting on the couch, channel surfing when I hear “THE voice”.  Be still my beating heart…is it my one true love??  Boo-yah it is!  And he’s singing ballads!!!  Unplugged!!!  And yet even better, he was singing “Hallelujah”!!!!!  That’s practically manna to my soul!

I was never able to give him bushy-headed babies, but he gave me warm fuzzies.  And I love that man for that. (and yes, hubby was sitting beside me shaking his head in surrender…or maybe because I was that pathetic.)

This isn’t the best video, but just close your eyes and enjoy!


  1. Uh, GiGi, sorry, I think Jon BJ was looking at ME, not you! Shot through the heart and you’re to blame…darlin you give love a bad name (bad name). Blood red nails on your finger tips …

    Oh my goodness, this was an AMAZING rendition here–thanks a bunch for showing it to me…I need to get it! xoxo

  2. NO NO NO you girls are wrong, it was ME he was looking at! Me and Jon go WAY BACK!

    loved this! going to go watch it again!

  3. Oh, Bon Jovi, the songs, the voice, the HAIR, the memories! Hair bands rock!!! What a great video.

    And by the way I will let you girls fight over Jon. I was (and still am) all about Bret Micheals from Poison. :o)

  4. LOL, thanks for the memories AND the laughs over your posts! 🙂

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