Snort, giggle, gawfaw, hee-hee, etc…

July 5, 2007


I’m pooped!  Not from physical exhaustion, but from laughing so much!  I’ve had so much fun this holiday.  My brother and his wife came up to visit for a few days and we just had a blast. There were a lot of great memories that I will hold dearly to my heart.

The visit was just that…a visit, but there was an underlying “thing” there.  My mum recently found out that she has breast cancer.  It’s been weird…cancer is such a common word now days, but when it happens to you…common doesn’t mean a dang thing.  German is as German does = my mum.  She’s had be a strong woman, wife and mother for years but it’s a completely different playing field when it comes to cancer.

She will be having a mastectomy in a week or so and for me it’s like waiting for the perverbial ball to drop.  In the meanwhile, we laugh.  I envision her as my one boobed, one shot, purple Hooter-shooter girl.  Laughing…it’s what we do…we’ve always just tried to laugh.  Call it irreverant, call it a defense mechanism, call it what you will.  It works for us….it’s our medicine.

So that’s what we did A LOT of this week.  We laughed, we shopped, we ate, we laughed some more, and we took tons of photos (thanks to my SIL, Wee’s great photo taking ability).  I’ll be sure to post some of the pics and there are more stories to come….

Hope you guys had fun this holiday and are recovering (MAN, my laundry is bad!).


  1. I do the same thing when under stress…..I find a way to make it funny so that it doesn’t feel so bad…Don’t worry about what people think…..laughter is a medicine that can heal almost better than tears can…..so I say laugh on and your Mom will be in my prayers!

  2. Hun, I know all to well of the tears that are always behind the laughter. My dad has MS and laughter is what gets us through the day. When he first started having trouble walking he would stumble and such, he would laugh and ask if we liked that new dance step. When he started having trimmers in his right hand, I always set on his right side when we ate and he would pick up his glass to take and drink slosh stuff all in my plate. I would tease him and tell him that I was going to find a new place to set at the table. There is nothing funny about seeing my dad in a wheel chair but laughter is so much better than crying all of the time. Your mom will be in my prayers as will you and your family.

  3. GGW, I am sooooo very sorry but HOPEful that the surgery will knock it out. I lost my Mom at age 57 to an aggressive form of lung cancer 4 years ago. I do know that everyone’s body reacts differently and, from what I’ve heard about breast cancer, you have such better odds since you can remove the site before it spreads…

    You are doing the right thing. Laughter IS a form of medicine for her…and for you.

    Leep laughing.
    Keep loving.
    Keep posting (cause those days without you posting were tough on me. And, it is all about me, after all.)


  4. um, that should have been KEEP laughing…but, if you would like to LEAP while laughing, well, that’s not such a bad idea, either. 🙂

  5. Yep, we did the same thing this Trip to see Heather! We laughed and joked. (check out the pictures Heather posted!) Laughter is the best medicine!

    Glad you had a Great 4th!

    Take care!

  6. What did your laundry do? It must have really been something very bad for you to mention it!

  7. I so know what you mean about laughter – but it’s a very healthy way of coping. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your mom’s surgery. Love your crazy, fiery header!

  8. Thanks for the “purple people eater” earworm! And would you pleeeeez stop calling him your “famous” brother. I have to live with his big head, you know. ^-^

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