Throwback Thursday – Scary Picture

July 12, 2007



As you can see, I was a very studious teen.  Actually I have NO idea what I’m doing here.  It’s 1989 so I’m sure ‘shrooms had something to do with it. (Kidding, mum!)

This is the building that I used as my raquetteball  ‘court’.  There was a boys dorm at the compound where I lived.  This building used to be their basketball court.  I don’t play basketball.  Period.  So I put wood pieces up in the windows and learned to hit my shot REAL well or those balls would fly everywhere.  On an interesting side note, the walls were made of mud then “painted” with this chaulk substance.

Yesterday I found some more pictures to scan, so watch out!  Thanks to the Pinks and Blues Girls for my new form of entertainment!



  1. I love those huge round glasses!

  2. It really is addicting once you start digging into the old pictures, huh!? Love this photo!!!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  3. Love the picture–I had a pair of those Sally Jesse Rafael glasses myself, I must say. Love this Throwback Thursday thing–I find the coolest blogs this way. 🙂

  4. Fun picture. I played tennis for awhile when I was a kid. A friend of mine and me hit off of a brick wall at an old unused school building. Fun times!!!

  5. I notice the corrogated tin roof. We had one of those on the ranch house. I used to throw balls up there and then catch them when they rolled down a “trough”. Woe finding the ball if it went over the house though.

  6. Gigi, gonna surprise you and NOT laught at the giant specs, because you’re very very very cute here! What a beautiful smile you have. xoxo Gidget

  7. I so had those glasses in 1989! Because I only wore them at night…I unfortunately also had them in 1999.

  8. Glued at the bridge? That’s hott.

  9. Hey, I think your smile is great – you are obviously very happy! Nothin’ wrong with that!

    I was the contact sports player, so I’m lucky that I didn’t wear glasses. I need them now though (the glasses).

    I love these pics – you guys are a blast!

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