Friday’s Feast

July 13, 2007


Friday’s Feast
(…the thought of a taco with fish in it
makes me want to erp!)

Appetizer: What is your favorite fruit?
It’s a toss up between mangoes and strawberries.

Soup: Who is someone you consider as a great role model?
Hong Kong Fooey.  Think about it…let it sink in.  Totally great answer, huh?

Salad: If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?
Easy answer…camping by a creek with a great campfire. (…unless the raccoons are back…and have they caught that black bear yet?)  Nevermind…Local Hilton with the jetted tub and Cloud Nine bedding system….yes……

Main Course: Name something you do too often.
I should say blogging, but really….do I really want to admit to that?  I think not!  Now laundry…that’s something that happens WAY too often.  I’m starting to understand why those people in the nuDist communities have perm-a-grins…no laundry, right?

Dessert: Fill in the blank
I really like Friday’s Feast because it shows how deep I am.  😀


  1. Great answers!!! 🙂 i was going to say mangos too, but avacados trumped it for me today 😉

  2. I loved your feast and your way with words. It was fun! I will definitely be back, as I loved your Great Camping Adventure and it made me giggle!

  3. There is too much laundry in the world!! Happy feasting!

  4. Would you believe I have only had a mango once!? And it was 4 years ago. I loved it. I’m going to need to have one now!!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  5. you cracka me up. How in the heck did we both put camping by a creek? and strawberries? Must say I didn’t think of Hong Kong Fooey. 🙂

    Love your new look… you must explain the header pic. I’m intrigued.

  6. I like friday’s feasts too, but more because I love the variety of answers people come up with!

  7. LOL Great feast! Thanks for stopping by mine 😀

  8. I’m with you on the camping adventure!!! I LOVE camping.

    Laundry=yuck… but even worse, dishes – I wash dishes WAY too often!

  9. Yup….you really are deep, GiGi, that was exactly what came to mind as I poured through the hidden meanings, the two-sided emotional aspirational embarkness you fill each question in with. Deep as deep could be! Hong Kong Fooey kinda gives you away, lol.

    So……you and I are contest losers, eh? I have been so busy role modeling for the cherub-faced little children at VBS I hadn’t had a chance to check my ticket. Bummer, because NOW what do I do with the receipts I ask! xoxo Gidget

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