8 things about me that you shouldn’t know

July 14, 2007

There’s this 8 thing meme going around and it seems interesting.  I wasn’t sure if I had 8 things that you don’t know about me…then I came up with this: 

~~Sometimes if I’m watching TV and not paying attention, I revert back into an 8 year old and bite my toenails.  It’s embarrassing and just dirty-weird, but dang it…did you catch that I’m STILL able to pull my toes up to my mouth???  That’s got to be worth something! See below…

~~I’m double jointed in my hips….meaning: I used to be able to twist my feet completely around so they faced behind me…and walked around like that.  That was my gross human trick as a kid.  Now days, I will pay a dear price for ATTEMPTING to do it.

~~I have a bad habit of chewing on paperclips.  Well, it’s more like I play with it in my mouth.  It’s soothing to me.  (Hey, I warned you with the title) 

~~I can gleek on demand.  For you sheltered readers, that’s where you shoot spit out of the hole under your tongue.  It’s what accidently happens when you eat sour candy and such.  When I was young I attended a private school where I would have to face my little cubicle wall 6 hours a day.  Bordom breeds great talent!

~~I was stateside for my sophmore year of high school.  My friend talked me into going with his friend to the prom so we could double date.  I don’t remember much about him other than he went by the name of Goober and his cousin was some guy called Napolean.


~~My stomach growls super LOUD when I get nervous.  not like a few “rumbleys in my tumbley”.  It makes sounds like words.  Ok, so it sounds like Freddie Crugger talking, and it’s about as creepy.

~~My first public speaking experience was a competetion my junior year in high school (college prep school).  I had to debate why school’s should allow Catcher in the Rye in their reading system.  It was hard, I loved it and I won.   (How does this apply to this list?  I blame the book on my inability to shut up.)

 ~~In the morning, I talk like a drunk until I get coffee in my system.  My husband has too much fun with this.  I know there are other people like me out there!

{….chirp, chirp, chirp….}


  1. You sure chew on a lot of stuff, drool (gleek) and growl (tummy). If I didn’t know you in person, I’d think you were actually a golden retriever.

  2. Gigi, I’m ascared of you!

  3. You absolutely crack me up! I love your sense of humor and your honesty!

    My tummy growls AFTER I eat. Very embarrassing when you are a legal office manager with no one else in the office other than the clients!!!

    Your blog and your sense of humor always make me laugh out loud! Thanks for that – I’ve been needing it!

  4. Okay… I’m gonna ‘fess up. Before reading this post, I didn’t know there was anyone else out there that used to bite their toenails but me. Now… can I do it nowadays? I don’t know, I’m afraid I’d wind up in the hospital in traction if I tried!

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