It’s a dirty competition

July 19, 2007

I’m so excited!!!! 

I was nominated for that Dirty Story Contest over at PediaScribe!!!

Remember just awhile back I wrote up a story of when OldMan painted his poop all over the mesh on his playpen?  Well, it earned me a spot to win that Spa collection.  Here’s the dealio…you need to go and vote for me.  The polls open tomorrow and will continue through 12pm on Monday.  Please vote for me as much as you can!!!  I.really.need.a.spa.treatment….even if I have to do it myself.  Or better yet, I can share it with my mum.  […I’m not above sympathy votes!…]

Just go here and click on Girl Gone Wild – I’m just getting started.

Thanks, ya’ll!!!!



  1. OMG This is sooo cool! I’m there! Okay I’m here, but I’m going over thar right about now……(it was a pretty darned funny story, Gigi, you done good. ) Gidget

  2. Okay clearly I don’t do directions too well….I’ll be there tomorrow! xo

  3. No doubt? How funny is that…hmmmm…wonder where they picked your name off? You know this means you’re gonna have to change your driver’s license too.

  4. Okay girl you got my vote!!! Now if I can only figure out HOW TO VOTE!!

    But when I do, you SO GOT MINE!!!!

    Take care girl!

  5. Gi, on my way over to vote….but had to stop and tell you to check out my update from the post………..GUESS who bothered to enter cutie petutie Pilot John’s contest and GUESS who won? Oh yeah, I’m the winner, I am I am I am!!! xoxo

  6. Okay once again I didn’t READ the directions, I will come back after 12 noon. You should get three extra votes for incompetent friends like me. Gidge

  7. I voted for you! I’ll do it again in a little while too (if they let you vote more than once).

  8. consider yourself voted for, GGW.

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