He *cracks* me up

July 20, 2007

We’ve all heard the lame joke about the guy who fell and got a crack in his booty, well…now Gremlin has crack issues.  Couple of weekends ago my family and I were at a picnic extraveganda at some friends house.  There were tons of missionaries…most of them I didn’t know.  The couple throwing this party of sorts does it every summer and tries to have something fun for the kids to do.  This year they had a kiddie pool, slip-n-slides, and other water fountain-type toys.  Apparently one of the couples didn’t know there would be water games and didn’t bring their little 2-yo girl’s swimming suit.  They proceeded to de-diaper her let her play in the pool a la natural.  I won’t even touch on the fact that there were tons of strangers (missionaries or not) and that she wasn’t potty-trained (!).

Gremlin was mesmerized!  Mum and I tried with everything in us to distract him from the girl, but no doing.  He just kept looking at the water, then looking back at her.  He was struggling.  Mind you he has just turned 4 and has no sisters.  All he’s been told is that girls parts are different than his.  One day I overheard Oldman telling him, “You know how the parts look on the babydolls at church?  Well, that’s what girls look like.”  So he thought we all looked like Baby Wets Alot.

I finally was able to pry him away from the kiddie pool, but not without a typical Gremlin conversation:

Gremlin: “What is wrong with her? Her private part is cracked.”

Me: “I told you that girls look different.  She doesn’t have your parts.”

Gremlin: “Is there a hole in there?”

Me: “Yeeesssssss……”

Gremlin (smirking): “It looks like my butt.”

And off he ran…leaving me in stitches.



  1. ROFL!!!

    Now I’m also thinking, what makes Old Man think we look like dolls. He is ever the fount of information for Gremlin.

  2. Too funny….I remember the day my little guy discovered that the girl parts were different…He nearly fell off his chair! Anwyays..great reading….just popped in from the Pastor’s wives roll!

  3. Oh my – that is absolutely hilarious! Out of the mouths of babes – those are the best thoughts, opinions and comments ever! Thanks for the great story – I’m still laughing!

  4. Gigi, this little guy of yours is a riot! Everytime you post something about him I’m running to tell John about it! Hope you write that down in Gremlin’s baby book, this one’s for the future wife…no doubt about it!

    Glad you’re back, missed you. xoxo Gidget

  5. Oh My Lord, that is too FUNNY! your lil guy sounds like a hoot!

    Hope you are doing well! ((HUGS))

  6. TAG YOUR IT!!!

    (Check out my blog)

  7. I have 4 boys and I’m constantly amazed on what goes on in their minds. That was very funny…thank you.


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