German Borg

July 22, 2007


I just realized that I haven’t done an update on Mum.  Her appointment this past week was not with her oncologist like I thought.  It was her surgeon checking out her “scalpel wound”.   He did tell her some interesting news.  Even though one of her sentinal nodes came back positive, the lymphnodes that they took out came back negative!  YEAH!!!!!  Not sure how that worked out, but honestly don’t care at this point.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that the cancer in her boob was closer to her chest wall than the MRI showed, so between that and the positive sentinal node, they’re going to go ahead and do chemo.Here’s where it gets wacky.  My mum was all excited because in the next week or so she’ll be going in and getting some kind of “hook-up” placed near her clavicle.  That way they can take blood and give her the chemo through there vs. her veins.

Why does this make her all elated?

She thinks it will make her look like a Cyborg…as in Star Trek.

It’s almost embarrassing sometimes.

I just shake my head in amazement at this crazy German woman.  If you ask me, I think they took out more than her lymphnodes!



  1. Oh Gigi, your mom sounds Awesome! what a great attitude to have! Glad to hear there was Good news, and I am gonna keep her in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

    Hope your weekend was good!!!

    Take care Girl!

  2. Your mother’s attitude is absolutely great! My cousin’s wife (one of my best friends) had breast cancer and chemo – she had a port put in, just like your mom is going to have done.

  3. Ahh sounds like a mixed bag Gigi. My sister Jamee had that inserted and while it was so much easier than being prodded all the time, we were at the pool once and her son Max jumped in without his wings and she took after him….scared me silly, she could have died if water got into that…well…way sooner than she did anyway. Watch your mom like a hawk, she sounds energetic like that too! Hugs and of course many more prayers. xoxo The Gidge

    PS–I think you secretly like that tight jeans man…go head, say it.

  4. Your mom seems to have a great attitude. And that is an important thing to have. The updated news sounds better then before. The power of prayer….

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