Dog Day Giveaway

July 24, 2007

Apparently, I’m not dirty enough since I didn’t win that dirty contest.  I’m not sure if I’m glad I’m not dirty enough or not.  I really wanted that Spa thing, but I guess I’m glad that I’m not TOO dirty (Unless, you’re Stacey and you’re proud to have me as a dirty friend….)

So between the losing of the dirty contest and feeling real guilty from all the contests that I entered yesterday (Dog Days of Summer Giveaway)….I’m steppin’ up.  How can I in my right mind expect to win all these prizes when I don’t have anything to giveaway myself.

Here’s what I’m giving away…

Giveaway #1:



Giveaway #2:


#1: This is an Indian painting on special material.  The card with the pink background has pressed flowers that were picked from the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.  The other card is an artform typical in India where artists paint on the leaf of a Peeple tree.  It’s very fragile.

#2: The card on the right is also Himalayan flowers as well as the picture on the left from the Peeple tree.  The jewelry is a braclet and ankle braclet combo.

Just leave me a comment and I’ll randomly pick a winner for each giveaway on Friday.  It is open to US and Canadian residents only.  You do not have to be a blogger, but be sure I have your email.

 Good luck ya’ll!!!  (BTW:  In case you haven’t heard (like you’re in a cave or something), there are a million giveaways over at Shannon’s joint…everyone’s linking up there.  Check it out!


  1. These are beautiful. My boss is from India and I would love to give her a card!

  2. How awesome! Count me in! Thanks so much!

  3. Ooh, very pretty! Please enter me in your drawing!!

  4. Please enter me into your drawing. Thank you!

  5. what a great giveaway!! I would love to win this!! Please enter me. Thank you.

  6. Those are awesome! Great Idea!!!!

    I really should think about doing a little giveaway! Lord knows I have jewelry I could give away. Hmmmm

    Take care GiGi!

  7. I LOVE them both! I’m in!

    (I’m an ABCD, btw.)

  8. Count me in.

  9. Oh and I forgot to tell you Sorry your not dirty enough to win the contest. But I still think you are the Dirtiest! LOL

  10. Count me in.

  11. I love it! count me in!
    thank you

  12. Enter me please!

  13. I didn’t win that contest ether so we can cry together. I am hoping to lift my spirits by winning something from one of the other giveaways.

  14. Ohhhhh count me in! These things are gorgeous!! Thanks so much!

  15. All are so pretty! I would be thrilled to win! Please enter me!

  16. i would love to have these. bookmarking you for latering reading too!

  17. I would love to win either one. They are both beautiful.

  18. Ohhh mannn so many comments, I’ll NEVER win…but I like what you’ve got so I’m going for it.

    Proud friend

  19. So beautiful! I would love to frame one and have it hanging in my bedroom. Please count me in!

  20. Sign me up!

  21. Gorgeous! Please count me in as well!

  22. They’re beautiful. Please count me in!

  23. Count me in.

  24. Very cool!


  25. I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks, Diana

  26. Beautiful! Thanks!

  27. Looks great! Thanks for offering it.

    Barb J.

  28. Cool prizes!

  29. Oh! Very nice things. Please sign me up! =) Thanks!

  30. They are beautiful, thanks for sharing these treasures.

  31. count me in, please!

  32. Oh, my daughter would adore any of these!
    I’m in!
    Many thanks!
    Be sure to enter mine for “Simple Abundance”!

  33. Ooooohhhh, I love all things India. Count me in!

  34. Count me in! This could be my lucky comment!

  35. These are lovely. Thanks for hopping on board the giveaway boat!

    Count me in, and come visit me, too ; )

  36. How beautiful! Thanks for the contest.

  37. please enter me!

  38. Love the items you are offering. Thanks for entering me in your drawing!

  39. Awesome! Count me in please! 🙂

  40. This looks great! Please add me to your list. My e-mail address is myspamfoil@gmail.com.

  41. Please enter me for these beautiful giveaways!

  42. I lived in Nepal and would love to have more S. Asian things!

  43. Please count me in! Thanks!

  44. I’m in! pipsersmom@gmail.com / pipsylou.typepad.com

  45. The jewelry looks so cool! Thanks!

  46. Fabulous giveaway!! Please add my name to your draw:-) Thank you!! xo

  47. Oh man, oh man, oh man…. I really want this one! I just love furnishings from India. I just put up one of those lovely tapestries in my stairwell that is made out of vintage saris. I would love any of these prizes. Thanks so much for your generosity and uniqueness of prizes!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    kcecilio @ ureach dotcom

  48. Please sign me up! I don’t have a blog, but you can contact me at DivaDivine15@aol.com. Thank you for your generosity!

  49. Neat giveaway! I love ethnic things!

  50. Wow, those are beautiful gifts!

  51. pick me please

  52. Wow, those are very neat, I’d love to win them and gift them to my mom!

  53. These are gorgeous, please count me in!


    kpuleski AT gmail.com

  54. Oh so pretty—please enter me!

  55. Sounds wonderful! Please add me! Thanks!

  56. Oohh… how cool!!!

  57. I love, love, love the painting!It would look great in my home! Enter me please.

  58. Those are cool. Please include me!

  59. Please enter me, too. These are beautiful.

  60. Oh I love those. What wonderful giveaways. Please enter me. Thanks so much!

  61. Please enter my name in your drawing. I would love to win!

  62. I’m not a usa inhabitant, but feel welcome to enter my give-away.

  63. Beautifuly giveaways! Count me in!

  64. Please enter me. How lovely. I had a leaf painted like that when I was young. My parents went to a lot of actions. I had no idea what I had. 🙂


  65. These are beautiful. tnayar@cox.net

  66. Thank you for a chance to win a lovely prize:)

  67. ooo So lovely 🙂 I’m in too

  68. Those are some beautiful things. Count me in.

  69. Unique prizes! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!

  70. Count me in, please! And feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win free Scripture!


  71. I would like to enter please

  72. these are beautiful. please count me in. thank you

  73. Pretty! I’m in. Thanks.

  74. Please enter me in too! Thanks! ~Ola.

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