Friday’s Feast

July 27, 2007



Appetizer: Describe a toy you remember from your childhood:
My Weeble-Wobble people!  I could sit there and flick ’em all day long.

Soup: On a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest) how observant are you?
With coffee   8      Without coffee   -12

Salad: Where would you rather be at this very moment?
Smoking a hooka in a remote village of Nepal….I’M KIDDING!  I love the idea of hiking around in a secluded forest with my boys. (minus the ticks!).

Main Course: When was the last time you learned something new?
Ahhhmmm…I guess about an hour ago I was learning some new features from some software I got for my new job (yea, new job!)

Dessert: (Fill in the blank)
I have
sucked a long piece of noodle in my nose and coughed it out my mouth, but I haven’t done it with a piece of chain…always wanted to.  Tried once, but something went wrong cause it felt like I had stabbed myself!


  1. I think you were truthing on the salad the first time. Mmmmhmm I do.

    What new job? You got a job? What? When? Where? How much? Okay, don’t have to say how much, but the rest…need to know!!!!

    I’ll be “home” just for a few hours on Monday. It’s just over an hour drive up, I’ll go to the cemetery, meet Kelly for lunch (maybe Nova) and then of course, do you need to ask, really? Dunkin Donuts to goooooo! xoxo

  2. Me too! We’re computer addicts together then. Optimize me, I need optimization. I need to be optimisticallized too, I’m not optimistic enough some days. Ooooh so you have money now you can buy me things! That’s hot. ~The Gidge

  3. a noodle through the nose?!? yikes! double yikes on the chain!!!

  4. OK…I just knew we were gonna have our mirror-image answers once again (“Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down!”) until…………..I got to your noodle-nosed answer.




  5. Gigi, I seriously didn’t want to have to tell you, no no no I did not. But…I won a magnet at Nursery Near and I won GRAND PRIZE over at Misplaced Midwesterner.

    Grand prizie, Gi. El grandios. El grandiolargio. Zi magnificantiatiobiggio. Voulez voulez volumousiousiousibigio. Der Karmisarlargisarbigsar.

    Yeah, I know, I hardly EVER winnnnnn (more than once a week, that is!). So it was shocking to me as well. How bout you? Win anything Dos Biggios? Maybe a big old bag of noodles for your nose? xoxo Gidget

  6. You are so funny! Your posts absolutely crack me up! I’ve got tears streaming down my face from laughing!

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