Giveaway Winners!!!!

July 27, 2007

This summer’s giveaway from Rocks in my Dryers was a HUGE success (and she’ll be doing it again this Fall!!)  I had a ball reading all the comments that people left.  I know that everyone is just as excited as I am to see if what they’ve won.  So here’s the winners for my giveaways:

Giveaway package #1:  Heather from Madame Rubies has won the Indian painting and cards.  Congrats Heather!!!!

Giveaway package #2:  Mama Money won the jewelry and cards.  She’s was hoping to win so she could give one of the cards to her boss who is from India.  Congratulations!!

 Thanks to everyone that left comments.  You can bet I’ll be doing this again in the Fall….it’s too much fun!

*I used the Integer Generator from Random.Org to randomly pick the winners.*


  1. Thank you so much! My boss is going to love the card, and I have the perfect opportunity coming up to give it to her–I can’t wait!

  2. Get off the floor right now, missy. Then get those prizes outttt into the mail. Hope your weekend is a good one–are things getting back to ‘routine’ (whatever that is)? xoxo Gidget

  3. Yay!!!!

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