Calling it quits…eventually

July 29, 2007

So…I’ve been dealing with self pity for 2 whole days now.  I entered anywhere from 25-30 giveaways and with my husbands mathmatical equations (ratio of wins vs. losses, blah, blah, blah….) running through my head I just KNEW I would win at least 1 small thing! But alas…that was not to be.  Not a single notification.

(Other than Stacey’s let-me-rub-it-in-your-face comments.  She didn’t just win 1 prize, but 2 and one of them was a GRAND prize.  I’ll never hear the end of it now….sheesh!)

I had wrtten off ALL contests!  They were getting out of control anyway! 

But then….

Did you know that 5 minutes for mom is giving away a stinkin’ 37″ plasma TV from Best Buy????  How could I resist??? 


  1. Gigi It’s Me, Stacey, with a different name, not Nicoal. People weren’t getting the Nicoal thing (first two initials of my three kids’ names).

    Yeah, it was the big grand biggie super-sized prize, indeed. Did you check it out?! You could have come over and said meanie stuff to me, you still can. That would actually give me a giggle! Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    No….I think instead of waiting, I think I’ll head over to 5 minutes & enter that TV giveaway–I’ve entered the other ones….and seeing as how I never…oops! I mean usually win (tee hee) then it just makes sense. However, you’re my good friend, you can come over, wear my necklace…no, maybe not, you might break it…you can use my lotions and cover up with my quilt (wearing the tee-shirt I loaned you), hold my magnet while you watch my new tv I won!! I’d let you eat one of the chocolate bars, but longgg gone. Sounds like a plan, noodle nose. Whatdya think?

    Extra xoxo Gidget

  2. Ooooh sounds like a threat…or a challenge. Let’s just say you wrote me a thrallenge. Now I must win muahahahahaha! And pretty darned sure if Hulkman gives me a wet willie it’d be a compliment, so I’ll take it! xoxo

    PS–thinking you’re the wit, I learn all I knows from you. 🙂

  3. Wow, now that is something to get excited about! We have a lot of giveaways coming up, too, so stay tuned!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  4. You are too funny!!

    I know what you mean… my husband laughs at me as to all the contests I enter.

    Your luck will change… think positive girly girl!!


  5. Maybe all the prizes you didn’t win will lead you to the big mack daddy of all prizes…the 37″ screen.


  6. SAy what? a 37″ t.v.? I am so there!

    Don’t get discouraged, Staceys (Gidgets) luck will run out soon and it will have to fall on someone else!! Why not YOU! you deserve it! heck, so do I! and I know how to share! LOL

    love ya girl!

    now off to win that T.V!!!

  7. I had the same dilemma, until I realized I would not have to give out my address to a complete stranger! You bloggers could be freaks and I would never know it! wink;)

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