All beef patty, but looks Vegan

July 31, 2007

Call me a bad mom, but I really try stay as far away from McDonald playgrounds as much as possible.  I hate Mikki-D’s food anyway, but the idea of what is in those tubes, just about sends me over.  However, today, the boys were just so dang good while I had to run around all morning that I decided to reward them with some poop-slimed, puke-filled crawling tubes!  When we pulled up it looked like there were no other kids yet…YEAH!!!!  But out of no where 23 pre-schoolers came running at us from all directions, screaming their heads off!  Gremlin quickly grabbed my leg.  Oldman’s jaw dropped and he whispered in awe, “Look at ’em mom….there’s tons of ’em….”

I think the thing that was more stunning than 23 little people swarming us like mad bees, was the fact that there were only 2 adults with them!  Stupid yet amazing….

I walked away from McD’s with sweat running down my back, McNasty in my stomach and ketchup in the strangest places.  I only had 2 boys to deal with.  I can’t imagine what those 2 ladies ended up looking like, but I can guarantee you they don’t get paid enough to wash that amount of ketchup out of their hair tonight.

To top it off, I found a little extra bonus that thrills me to the bone.

Some God-ordained person has invented God’s gift to ALL women! Well, except for maybe Paris or Nichol.  Have you heard about the latest feature on some of the HP cameras??  It can take off 10 lbs!!!!!  Dear Lord!  I couldn’t decide if it was invented by a mom or a husband who’s tired of hearing his wife complain about those 10 lbs that just won’t come off.

All in all it was a tiring but good day.  Boys are in bed exhausted and that’s where I should be.  Till tomorrow….



  1. Ohhh when they get to 20 pounds, I am soo there, baby!

    I share your opinions of the tubes, my friend. Yet I think your rendition is extremely hilarious! I’m tellin ya, you are a writer. And funny! xoxo Gidget

  2. The mental picture of the tubes are grossing me out…lol!!! Our McD’d doesn’t have a playground, thank goodness. And the “McNasty” comment, priceless!!!!

    And I wanted to share that our VBS only cost the church $126.00 this year. The rest is from loving donations from our members, sister churches, and community involvement. God is truly good!!!

  3. That camera thing is so silly, all they are doing is squashing the photo vertically! I could do that on a photo program on my computer, but whats the point in the deception, because then when people see you in person they will think you’ve put ON weight-never a good thing!

  4. We just went to McD’s yesterday at 3:15 for some ice cream and play time. I read a book! And for about 30 min we were the only ones there. It was heaven! I find that is the best time to go since most kids who are still taking naps are, well, just getting up, and the big kids aren’t quite out of school yet. $3 for ice cream and call it good.

    I just don’t think about the tubes.

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