The Challange – I’m back…maybe

July 31, 2007

So I was checking up on my Bloglines and saw the Katie was up and back on the Tales from the Scales Weigh In.  I felt a TAD bit guilty for not following through on this weight-loss thing.  I’ve been discouraged about this weight thing for weeks.  It drives me me batty to check my weight.  I get about as obsessive as checking my sitefeeder!  As if my weigh will go down and stay down every 2 hours!!!

SO!  I’m going to get back at it and see what I can do for the next 7 weeks.  I’m probably not going to weigh myself every week…more like every other week.  That way I can focus on WHAT I’m doing vs. what it LOOKS like I’m doing.

 Watch out ya’ll…I’m motivated!


  1. I am glad to see you back in the ring! I hope that as the week goes on you have great insight into what you want your plan to be. It is different for everyone and once you get the formula that clicks for you, everything will fall into place.

    Take care and have a wonderful week!

  2. Maybe I should too–I seriously am freaked out with how quickly this weight has come on! Have a great time optimizing GiGi. I have to type today 😦


  3. Welcome back! The challenge has really helped me stay focused, even when sidetracked a little by vacation. 🙂

  4. It is hard to stay focus on weight loss…I know I struggle with it too…….I have tagged you….come to my blog for more details!

  5. I’m kind of new to this, but welcome back anyway. 🙂

  6. Even though I haven’t lost for two weeks, the challenge does keep me thinking about the fact that I am trying to get healthy and choices I am making …sometimes I just keep on thinking about it while I stuff myself with Doritos, but I AM thinking about it! Welcome Back & Good luck!

  7. I wish you much success sweet one.

  8. Good for you! I think it’s a good idea to just weigh yourself every two weeks… I used to do that and it worked better for me than weighing once a week. Now I don’t weigh myself at all. I get too obsessive about it! 🙂

    Wishing you MUCH success!!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  9. You go girl, Motivation is a GREAT thing. I need to get more of it, and work with my weight. as well as other things in my life!

    You can do it!!!!!

    Take care!

  10. Good for you! I had gotten out of it, too. It’s such a challenge to begin new habits, but oh so easy to slip out of them!

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