Throwback Thursday – WAY back

August 2, 2007


I was so excited for this Thursday to come around because I scanned a TON of pictures.  My joys were quickly thwarted (yes, as in destroyed by Lex Luthor) by the realization that I had saved those files as a .pdf.  Grrrrrr.

However, I did find this….

Mum and Me

Me/Baby: “Who is this crazy, over-happy woman in my personal bubble?!”

Oh, it’s Mum!!!  Doesn’t she just rock?  That is some happenin’ hair and rims, man.

(Mum, stop fuming at me…. Yes, I used a picture of you.  No, I didn’t block your face out…your face is kind of in the WHOLE picture.  😀  Don’t worry…you don’t look anything like that now so no one could recognize you.  Besides, you look hot!  Love you!!!!)

Head on over to the Pinks and Blues Girls and laugh at other people’s throwback photos….


  1. This is adorable!! Your mom looks so happy and proud. And you are totally wondering why your space is being invaded. Too funny!!

    Happy TT, GiGi (look what Stacey started)!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  2. TOTALLY hott! ^^Haha, GiGi, you’re NEVER shaking that name now. Jane is too witty, isn’t she? Love that about her.

    Anyway, I’m working up a post for later in the day, but first things first–how is your mom feeling? How are you doing?

    Now….the Diet Coke image? Thanks, Gigi, I’m sure Coke will be calling you to maybe advertise for them, idk. That or to force you to drink it until you recant. I looked up that blogger, she’s pretty funny btw.

    Finally…..check in later in the day because I just may have something for youuuuuuuuu, I checked and do not see that you have one already. Mmmmhmmm, someone’s getting something, but I won’t tell…but check back laterrrrrr xoxo The Gidge

  3. What a Great pic GiGi!!! wow, your mum was very happy to be in your space! LOL Awesome pic.

    Hmmm what is Gidget up to? I swear she writes a book in your comments. LOL

    Hope your mother is well, and you are having a Great Day!

    Take care!

  4. LOL My mom had some funky ideas back then too – except, you know, obviously years earlier since we’re in black & white LOL

  5. I love it! She looks so happy and proud.

  6. Momma’s hair was happening!! I hear the style is coming back so ladies get out the rat-comb! Adorable pic!

  7. Love the glasses!!! Great picture!

  8. Yes, Three’s Company–not only are you now in the loop, you kinda think like here as well! xo

  9. Think? Oh I for sure ammmmmmm your entire-net BFF. xo The Gidge

  10. Yeah, I know, those shoes wouldn’t go over in your parts, would they. Camo, that’s more your thing down there, no?

    Gigi, I know why I’m up so early, what’re YOU doing up so early? Don’t you sleep until say…..eleven-iish most days? xoxo The Gidget

  11. *grinning from ear to ear* You are brave!

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