Not stoned…just thinking

August 3, 2007


 Ya’ll know I’m nothing but a big goofball…  I have moments when I start to think deep and intellectual thoughts, but that’s only if I’m coming off a coffee high.  I must have posted enough times in that moment to completely fool The Gidge.  And she’s hard to fool, you know?  Then again, maybe my kind of thinking is just her style.  Either way, she’s awarded me the Thinking Blogger Award.  I’ve seen this award bouncing around the blogsphere, but figured it was for really smart people that are just waiting for their manuscript to get picked up by a Publisher.  I usually try not to focus on things out of my reach. Low goals are obtainable goals!!   

So since I’ve won something that has to do with deep thoughts I thought I better expound upon you the deepest thoughts that has made me who I am today. 

  • Don’t run your fingers through your hair after you’ve picked your nose…it’s not lady like.
  • If it’s good enough for the participates of Special Olympics, then it’s good enough for me.  (Hulkman and I go together like peas and carrots!)
  • I don’t care what the Gas Relieving commercials say, the pills do not remove the gas.  It just holds it at bay for about an hour then comes back with Chernobyl vengence.
  • You don’t have to be beautiful to be memorable.  You just need to have charm and a smartalec wit.

Ms. Gidge…you are a bright spot in my day and I’m lucky that you were so dang friendly at the Mom’s of Grace forum (I must say, though, I thought you were a bit of a nut-jobber at first).

I’m going to have to do some thinking before I pass this award on to just anyone. 

You guys have a great weekend!!!  I’ll post ya later!



  1. Okay…why? Why nut-jobber? I WONDERED why I was snubbed there by most–what did I SAY?? Ahh well, long as you, the anti-nut-jobber are my friend. And by anj, I am convinced moreso because you posted such LOVELY deep thoughts, Gi. Very appealing, I really really wanna be your bff forever and ever for sure now.

    Back to the website thing–why? This is gonna bother me forever! And how did you get the button to shrink to fit the side–see mine how it’s all distorted and stuff on the side? Can you fix this for me? plz? I’ll even give you the password, just fix this.

    Gidget (witholding all x’s and o’s until you tell me WHY y’all thought I was crazy….was it when I went toe to toe with that one gal? Is that it? You know…MP?)

  2. “I must say, though, I thought you were a bit of a nut-jobber at first”
    LOL okay now that is funny! LOL

    But I love that nut-jobber! don’t you? LOL

    congrats Gigi, you kind of thinking is what brings me back everyday! I love reading your blog! and I feel we could be great friends. If me and Gidget can get along, I can definately hang with you! LOL

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