Face of an angel

August 4, 2007

I told OldMan to smile sweetly like the boy I know he is….


At least there were no boogies…he had already picked ’em and flicked ’em.  Nasty boy.



  1. LOL too cute, nothing like a toothless smile. (thank god no boogies, I just ate!)

  2. I wonder what he’ll be asking for for Christmas. You may get off easy if he just wants those front teeth!

  3. You’re the grossest mommy in the whole wide world. Know that? xo

  4. Your baby boy? OldMan? He is delightful despite it! xo

  5. Ooh, look! I have one of those too! (mine comes in girl)


  6. FYI, I found you ‘cuz I chose the “PTA Reject” shirt too! ; )

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