Singing fantabulisticly

August 7, 2007

For some of you this post is going to be just plain weird.  Please bear with me as I get this out of my system:

I am not a song person.  I can sing.  I actually used to perform…and I was fantabulistic.  But just in case you were wondering, drinking radiation (iodine) does play with your vocal cords just a bit. 

I am NOT fantabulistic when it comes to words.  I stink at lyrics.  I usually can’t understand a thing that’s being sung!  All through the 80’s and 90’s I would just sing my pretty little head off to ALL the wrong words.  I didn’t realize how bad I was at it until I married J.  I don’t remember the song I was singing, but I do remember his reaction when I bellowed out the wrong words.  He doubled over and gaffawed whole heartedly at me.  I was not feeling fantabulistic.

But now…..I have found my people!!

Have ya’ll seen The Singing Bee?  It’s a fantabulistic show.  I don’t know what channel it’s on, but it’s on Monday nights.  There are mini-me’s all over that stage.  I’m actually shocked at how many words I do know compared to those people.  Then again I’m sure standing on a stage in front of thousands of people and not being able to carry a tune to save your life would play with your psyche!!

It’s really fun to watch.  Last night the guy who won was a professional fighter and he won by singing Mary Poppins!! 

They have these girls that dance to the music.  They’re called the Honey Bee’s, but there’s nothing sweet about those girls.  I think Mr. InSych, himself, went down the street to purchase those lovely “ladies”.  They are NOT fantabulistic.

There’s another singing show hosted by Wayne Brady.  Haven’t had a chance to see it yet.  But if you guys want a good laugh you need to see these shows…it is fantabulistic!!!


  1. I’ll be checking that show out now–you and I have that in common, I believe. I knows all words to all songs mostly…what I don’t know, I sing anyway!

    But that post–it’s very very strange. Why you keep using fantabulistic, I’ll never know. Not like it’s gonna get you a prize or something! xoxo

  2. love those shows!! love karaoke! thought I knew the words too, but I’m finding I don’t!! but I can’t carry a tune either, so…

  3. I totally agree! I have seen it once and totally loved it, too!

  4. Okay, you little southern Missouri whack-job, tell me this: Will they keep SDC open even in the heat? Or….do you recommend we not do that and hit White Water? Help us!!! We’re scared now. xoxo

  5. The Wayne Brady Show – Don’t Forget the Lyrics, is hilarious and a little more interesting than the Bee. And without those “ladies” gyrating all over the stage so that I have to cover my daughters eyes!

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