Still challanging it

August 7, 2007

Tales from the Scales

I haven’t gained nor have I lost, but I consider that a win since I feel about as bloated as a dead cow.  Man, nothing bites more than PMS on a hot day!  It’s so bad out there and all my boys want to do is go outside and ride their bikes.  I never thought the good Lord could use the weather guy to answer my prayers!  Weatherman Brandon told us to not go outside unless we had too cause the heat index was a killer.  Thank you Jesus and Brandon!  So instead we stayed inside and had a Lego’s Star Wars fight to beat all!  I’m sure I lost all kinds of calories on that war.

On a side note:  To the idiot who made it seem like he was coming from Tales from the Scales and thought he was doing me a favor by wham-blasting me for having a Tales from the Scales widget in my sidebar….I don’t have the widget there for you, nor am I trying to influence the thousands of little girls that read my blog.  Here’s a wild thought ~ I do it for me.


  1. I am so w/ you on the PMS 🙂 The Star Wars fight sounds fun – something we might do over here 🙂

    Keep up the good work….It is hot – and draining!!!

  2. It has been hard on me, working out in the heat. I literally had to force myself to do my weight lifting and my push-ups and crunches. I do them every other day, usually in the AM when it’s cool. But I waited and had to do them when it was hot. Whew. It’s hard, this losing weight, I hope that your next week is super, keep at it!!

  3. You just put in the sidebar what you want.
    Does that person really think young girls need your blog to come up with stupid ideas?
    In that case they should cancel government campaigns to get the average weight down.

    Not gaining in terrible weather is good.
    It means you’re not falling back on eating, so thats good.

    Keep on going!!

  4. Go Gigi! Go Gigi! It’s your sidebar! It’s your sidebar! (you know, that Its your birthday chant…do it like that!) xo

  5. Hang in there. PMSing stinks at any time, but heat and humidity definitely multiply it for me!

  6. Congrats on maintaining.

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