WW – Cool down

August 8, 2007


What a difference 7 months can make….



  1. Fantastic shot! Reminds me that winter’s around the bend.

  2. Striking photograph and what a clever angle. Great detail:)

  3. OMG! You’re right… what a huge difference!! It just got me excited for winter!! Sweaters and scarfs and sledding and all that fun stuff!! Thank you!!
    – Audrey

  4. I never thought I’d long for winter, but that shot is just so beautiful! Especially when it’s been so HOT lately. Thanks for the change-up.

  5. WOW That is one cool picture. Not sure that I am ready for all of that quite yet.

  6. wow, I love the beauty of an ice storm, just not the danger.

  7. Beautiful! Yes, I’m ready for snow and ice!

  8. Wow, amazing picture! It’s beautiful- although not for those who suffered damages from it.

  9. Ugh, don’t remind me that winter is coming. 😉
    But it is nonetheless a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. wow, I did not want to be reminded that winter is coming, but it’s a great photo, but now I’m sad!

  11. Wow! I remember the beauty of winter when I lived up north. This is a neat post!

  12. Breathtaking shot!

  13. Neat picture! Almost looks like a bunch of fingers coming up from the ground!

  14. That is a AWESOME shot!! and I love your header too. Well done!

    Happy WW… come by mine for a visit.

  15. Bark, arf, BARK! Wowww.

    Happy Woofless Wednesday. I’m all out of doggy cookies to serve you, but please come by anyway.

  16. Wow what an amazing photo. Happy WW!!

  17. That really looks cold. Very, very cold. Have a great WW. 🙂

  18. Keep it away! Keep it farrr away, don’t need that. Nononononono!

    Even if I am going to be down there with my flat hair in 199 degree weather. You coming too or NOT? xo The Gidge

  19. That is so cool! Great Shot!!

  20. I so do agree – but I can’t live without 4 distinct seasons.

    Excellent entry

  21. That is a great picture. And it was just about the time we got to Oklahoma!

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