What I did on my summer vacation…

August 9, 2007

Another summer vacation is coming to a close as we’re a week away from a new school year.  It’s hard not to get excited about this new adventure.  Yes, part of me is so excited to have my house a tad bit more peaceful.  Only a tad bit since I still have Gremlin.  But in all honesty I’m so thrilled for Oldman and what it will be like for him this next year.  I’ve prayed all summer that he gets a good teacher.  I’ve gone back and forth on whether to homeschool him, but have decided to give it one more year.  I can tell you this…I’ll have a whole lot to say if we have a repeat of last year!

The boys have had a lot of fun this summer.  Partly because of the places we went.  Partly because of the things played with.  This is no advertisment…I just want to look back on Summer, 2007 and remember a few good things.

1.  These flip flops made my summer so much easier!  Or thong sandals as they’re calling them now.  {…geesh…}  I didn’t start wearing flip-flops until last year as my delicate nature couldn’t STAND having something between my toes.  Summer footwear is a whole new place for me now!  And this summer, my feet were completely grateful for these.  They never lost form and stayed comfortable through some skanky stuff!

2.  The PowderKeg taught my very fearful, oldest son that he was invincible!  Oldman is seriously scared of heights.  Always has been.  But if you’re moving at the speed of light, you tend to miss the whole height thing.

3.  When I didn’t have the time nor energy to pack everyone and haul them to Branson, a good old fashioned slip-n-slide attached to the fort’s slide always worked!  That, by far, has been the best $10 I have ever spent!


4.  And lastly, our cul-de-sac.  It has been a soccer field, baseball field, bike race track, and a battlefield for “acid rain”.   Gremlin moved from tricycle to bicycle with training wheels and Oldman had his first major bike wreck.  A scar he treasures with much gusto!

So all and all, Summer vacation has been pretty good this year.

Now I’m ready for school, college football (Go Sooners and Bucks!!!), Autumn holidays and Fall weather.  So Ms. Summer Solstice please tell your cousin Indian Summer to stay away from here.  We’d rather have a visit from your Aunt Autumn (no relation to Aunt Flo)!


  1. sounds like a great summer…but i can’t believe it’s time for school already!

  2. What????? Your summer wouldn’t be complete without the best few hours EVER in SDC. That’s right, ridin Fire In The Hole with the Gidge….doin the boats with the little laser guns…you know. I’m coming….just need to do a final post and then…..pack and Branson here I come! ~Gidget

  3. I am excited to get the school year started! I hope oldman has a Great year!

    Have an awesome time with the family in SDC, and think of me while you and Gidget are riding the Fire in the Hole! I love that ride. Oh and if she gives you a great big hug??? thats from me, I am sure she will say from her, but I told her to do it! K?

    Take care and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

  4. “Only a tad bit since I still have Gremlin”

    Don’t let it get wet or you’ll have more!

  5. The importance of a good pair of flip-flops (I still call them that!) cannot be overstated! I have had mine going on two full summers now and they are a staple of my summer wardrobe!

    It sounds like you had a really great summer. And you were so resourceful with the slip ‘n slide!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  6. Hey my dearest fellow nerd,

    God bless whoever created flip flops and internet streaming of biz meetings!

    I added you. Better yet, created my own header and changed things up. I’m pretty proud.


  7. Sounds like your family had a great summer. My oldest starts back on the 22nd. I am having some mixed emotions about the whole thing. The two oldest are driving my nuts fussing with each other, so the time apart will be good for them. But putting an end to summer always make me so sad. 😦 I will have to do a recap of our summer in a few days. We still have a quite a busy few days ahead of us. So, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. (and I am not ready to sing yet…lol)

  8. GIGI I try to see the picture but I think it was erased already? Actually I want to see your face.. to know you better.. I only saw you in your halloween costumes.. 🙂 can you email me your picture please?

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