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August 13, 2007

With school starting this week, we wanted to make one more run to Silver Dollar City.  So despite the 102 degrees, we headed on down to Branson.  It was so freaking hot!  Our first ride was a water ride just so we could cool off.  We went near the end of the day so a lot of people had already left….that was nice for us!  We got to ride some rides and even had a sit down meal.

I have been going to SDC since I was a teenager and I never knew about this strip of restaurants that were near the opening.  I suppose I was more concerned with the boys rides.  They have some GREAT food and these weird tables that slowly rises up and down while your eating.  The place we ate was set up to look like you were eating in a miners cave. 

We’re sitting there enjoying our food when all of a sudden I hear this crazy woman’s voice in the restaurant above us screaming, “GiGi?  GiGi!  Where are you my BFF GiGi?!?!?!”  Gremlin started crying in terror and….. 

Ok…so it didn’t go down quite like that, but you know….

I have to admit I was a tad bit nervous about meeting an internet buddy IRL, but I quickly realized I had no reason to.  She is exactly how she is on her blog.  Hilarious, beautiful, and a ball to be with.  I just wish we could’ve hung out a little longer.

Ya’ll, her family! Cody is so cute (that smile!), Alex’s personality totally matches his pictures, Nikki was not only beautiful but was…well.  Let’s put it this way, when J asked Gremlin if he wanted to stay with mom or dad, he said he’d rather be with Nikki!  He was immediately smitten by her and she seemed to have been drawn to him.  John was the laid back one.  He just seemed super sweet and solid as a rock.  Really neat guy!  J enjoyed talking to John.

Stacey and I didn’t get to go on Fiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrre in the Hoooooooooooollllllllllllllllllle, but we did go through Grandpa’s Crazy Mansion then got our picture taken in “the” coffin. 

I can only imagine what she thought of our visit.  She either loved it or hated it, cause it brought her to tears!  She was crying the whole time we talked!  I mean, it could’ve had something to do with allergies, but I like to think she was overcome with joy.

I can honestly say that our visit was the highlight of my weekend!  Let’s do it again, Gidget!


  1. So Glad you guys had so much fun! her family is awesome, just like her huh? I know I love them! I am still mad I didn’t get to come meet you at the same time. but that is OK, I will get my chance sometime soon. We are all still going to do the caves right?

    Can’t wait to get my chance to meet you GiGi!

  2. I am the one right in the middle with the Pinkish Sweater Vest!

  3. Crying. You’re right, I didn’t wanna say but I was crying with joy to be beholdin in the presence of The GiGi Girl! Okay, you did that down there just to FREAK ME OUT! I get it! You’re bad and you’re in a lot of trouble now. Worry (oh and I’ll need your password, okay?)!

    I havta say I thought the same exact thoughts about you IRL–and wasn’t worried even a bit! You’re a good thing. I’ll blog this afternoon/evening, idk. I just woke up–it’s after 11 am. Guess I only needed one Tylenol PM! xoxo Giget

  4. What a heart-warming story, you have filled my day with sunshine.

    I hope someone took the time to eat funnel cake for me!

    Oh yeah, you are welcome to do all the introducing you want!

  5. Sounds like you guys had an absolute blast! This is so awesome! Congratulations!!!

  6. Aww, I’m so envious that you guys got to meet up!! It definitely sounds like you had a blast. And I figured Stacey IRL would be just like she is on her blog – an absolute blast!

    Did you guys take any pictures!?

    Jane, P&B Girls

  7. Yeah, Gi, did we take any pictures?

  8. I don’t know…did we??? 😀

  9. Ya. It’s over at my blog, check into it! (worried?)

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