Challenging the fat

August 14, 2007

Tales from the Scales

 I am SHOCKED yet proud of myself, for this past week.  I got up at 5:30 every morning and walked my neighborhood.  I didn’t even set my alarm.  (I knew my coffee craving would wake me up…..{sad grin})  It’s amazing the energy that I had all day long just from getting my “juices” flowing at the beginning of the day!  I got a lot done around the house because of it.  Two fold win right there!

The other thing I conquered was the soda thing.  I didn’t touch soda all week.  I thought I would reward myself on Saturday with an ice cold Diet Pepsi with crushed ice, but by the end of the cup my belly didn’t feel so hot.  It’s weird how 1 week away from it made that much of a difference.  I’m thrilled though.

I had a really rough weekend (despite meeting Stacey!) so I didn’t do as well, but I’m not too worried as I’m already back into the groove.  Feels great!


  1. Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference a morning walk can make?? For awhile I was so good about taking Lance for a stroller walk every morning, but lately it’s just been SO HOT. Even at 5:30 in the morning! lol!

    GO YOU for cutting out the soda!!! I’m trying to wean myself off of it. Again. For the third time. Sigh. What a vicious cycle cola can be!!

  2. You are doing great!! Good to be back in the groove!! I stopped drinking Diet Coke back in January and will have one every once in a while (like yesterday) and it just doesn’t do for me what it used to!! Have a great week!

  3. Yay to the no soda thing. That’s huge… and there is just nothing good for us in soda.

    And, uh, walking every day at 5:30 IN THE MORNING? My lands, this is commitment. I don’t do anything at 5:30 am. (Well, except for sleeping!)

  4. I’m doing the bigger thing (literally) and saying ‘good job’ even though I hate how much I”VE GAINED!!!!! I say this as I drink my protein shake and am determined to stick with something for a change. xoxo

  5. Good for YOU! Getting a good start on the day really does make a huge difference. And the no soda thing is AWESOME!!! Even diet soda can sabotage weight loss. Plus it just is NOT good for you! 😉 Path to Health

  6. Wonderful! Way to go!

  7. Great job on the walking!

    It really is amazing with the pop thing. I was a big diet pepsi drinker along with some other diet pops as well but drink it very rarely now. Thing I noticed the most was it about chokes me to death because its so strong! Who knew??! LOL

    Good Luck this week!


  8. Soda is a great thing to give up and I am impressed with exercising at 5:30. That is what time I have to get up for work and I drag it to the very last minute. You rock on girl!

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