TT – Down Syndrome cherub

August 16, 2007


Hosted by The Pinks and Blues Girls…who rock by the way! 

This is absolutely one of my favorite photos of Hulkman.  Is he a doll or what?!  I think toddlers with Down Syndrome are probably the cutest kids there are.  They look like cherubs….


(Don’t you just dig that couch??)


  1. What a sweet picture! (and I think we had a couch just like that when I was growing up!)

  2. What a precious picture of your brother.
    And my Grandma just got rid of a couch that almost looked just like that one…lol!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, what an absolute SWEETIE!! I can see why that is one of your favorite photos of Hulkman. I love his little jumper!! Whose picture is he holding?

    Jane, P&B Girls

  4. What a sweet photo!

  5. What a cutie patootie!!! I could just kiss him all over!!!

    and yes, I do believe I have seen a couch like that in my past!

  6. What a wonderful photo! My cousin has downs syndrome. We spent every day together when I was growing up. He is probably the greatest human being that God has ever given me the opportunity to know.

  7. Oh yes, he’s darling, Gi! He looks so happy. Actually, I thought in the pics you posted of him in the photo booth were pretty darned darling as well (even with the tongue!). You’re both blessed like nothing else to have each other! xoxo

  8. Ohhhh, so sweet…so handsome…so beautiful!


    Mine’s up, too!

  9. What a handsome young man! We had a blue couch like that too! 🙂

  10. Great shot. I think I need that couch to finish my living room. 🙂

  11. He’s so adorable! :))) Thanks for sharing!

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