Leaking into heaven

August 17, 2007


ToddledDredge wrote a post recently about Alzheimer that rattled me to my core.  She’s such a great writer and so it’s hard not to be effected by it.

At one point she talks about a professor that called the process of Alzheimer as “leaking into heaven”.  Isn’t that a great description of what’s happening?  I’ve been thinking about that term all week.

I’ve had to deal with several people who are at various stages of Alz and it’s such an uncomfortable and sad disease.  Sometimes they’ll say something that doubles you up with laughter, then other times it takes all your strength to make it through the day without breaking down in tears.  Taking care of someone with Alz can be a thankless job.  It’s tiring, confusing and loved ones don’t get to see many wins. 

Leaking into heaven, to me, is a small answer to the whys and hows…maybe a small win for today.

If you know of someone who takes care of a loved one with Alz., give ’em a squeeze and pray for them today.  They probably need it more than the person with Alz.



  1. Thanks for the link.

    That is such an expressive photo – it really captures the sadness of Alzheimer’s. Is it yours?

  2. Thank you for this link , I am watching my father slowly progress with Alzheimers so this was a great post to read.

    Take care girl!

  3. Beautiful expression indeed! I’ll head over and check that post out. Thanks. Hope your day goes very very well! xoxo

  4. wow… that’s a powerful way of thinking about it….

  5. My grandmother (she raised me) developed Alzheimers when I was in middle school – she was my primary caretaker, so I watched it progress – it is very very difficult.

  6. What a fantastic post… I am going to reach out to my girlfriend who’s grandfather suffers. Thanks for posting this today. I don’t know if I am remembering this correctly… but a few years back saw the movie and read “The Notebook”… I think the woman suffered from it… It was fictional, very still very powerful.
    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  7. Aww, I’m no mushy mom! But I will take photos to post JUST for you, my coffin bud! xo

  8. Gi,

    I need you to shrink another award onto my credential side. I know, I know, I’m running out of space for my award-winning blog stuff, but see if you have time this week to fix this! Thanks–I owe you a donut. ~Gidget

  9. So very, very true! Thanks you for the bring this topic up!

  10. OK, now, you made me cry…
    My moms is showing some signs of Alzhiemers. Not officially diagnosed yet. She has other medical issues we’re dealing with as well at this time….

    Thanks for this post. I’ll check out that link that you mentioned.

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