No more drunk toddlers!

August 20, 2007

Awhile back I wrote a post about drunk toddlers.  Remember the whole deal about kids eating/licking the hand sanitizers and becoming drunk?

Apparently us mom’s weren’t the only one’s up in arms about it.  The makers of Germ-X decided they needed to do something about this.  (Yeah, local guys…they’re from St. Louis!!!)

 Not long ago I was emailed and asked to try a new product that Germ-x was coming out with that is alcohol free but still just as effective. Well, heck yeah!  I got it in the mail and immediately put it to work.  So here’s the dealio guys.  Not only does it still kill 99.99% of germs, but ya’ll it’s foaming hand sanitizer, it smells GREAT, and best of all it actually softened my hands.  No lie.

Also, there’s no other way of explaining this other than just tattling on myself, but I read that they put a bittering agent in this new “advanced protection”.  Sure ’nuff….it’s bitter!  Look….I really felt the need to know.  And aren’t you all better for it?!

They’re being sold at Wal-marts for just under $3.00 and should be coming out in the next week or so. 

For all you lush moms, you need to give up your alcohol based sanitizers.  Admitting your addiction is half the battle.

C’mon…do it for the kids.



  1. No! I won’t give it up! Never, and you can’t stop me.

    Is this why there are bottles and bottles of Germ-X at SDC now? The stuff was EVERYWHERE, did you notice? I washed my hair in it.

    Thanks for the help on the blog–sometimes it works for me sometimes not. You’re my bff, Gi.

  2. PS–how much did GermX pay you btw?

  3. awesome!! thanks for sharing this!! when you think about it, foam is so much better!! ok, now i will be throwing out all of these hand santizer clear gel!!
    – audrey

  4. You really took one for the team, Gigi!!

    Foaming sanitizer… I like the sound of that! I’ll definitely get myself some of this stuff! Thanks for the info!!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  5. I guess I had missed
    your earlier post
    bout toddlers getting drunk
    I read those words
    And shook my head
    In fact, my heart just sunk

    That’s all we need
    Is one more thing
    To get addicted to
    And here I thought
    My biggest threat
    was eating Elmer’s glue!

  6. Just like with any other household chemical, the parents should make sure children do not consume it. Parents need to pay more attention to their kids and things like this won’t happen. The product itself isn’t the problem here, negligent parents are.

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