This bug bites!

August 20, 2007

Last night has got to be one of the worst nights I’ve had since having children.

Sounds a bit dramatic, but even when my kids were babies, they didn’t get up as often as Gremlin did last night. 

Gremlin started throwing up around 7pm and continued all night until 6am this morning.  If he wasn’t throwing up he was tossing and turning because he was hot or “just not tired”.  I think I got around 2 hours of sleep…total!

How the hey-hoo did I do that in college?!?!

I remember staying up all night helping a friend with puking problems.  It wasn’t exactly from the flu, but puke is puke, people!  It’s messy and it stinks!

This morning I feel like I’ve been up all night puking.  Coffee’s not helping one iota.  And it’s all dark due to the storm, so all I want to do is curl up and saw some logs.

On a side note (I hate complaining on my blog, but…), I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how cancer has become an epidemic.  Then why can’t we find more scarves at retail stores for cancer patients??  My mum and I went shopping on Saturday to look for some square scarves.  She’s found some hats, but nobody is selling good old fashioned square scarves.  All they have are the scarves to put around your neck to match your jackets.  Of course, there’s plenty online, but sometimes you just want to feel it and play around with it before buying it.

This cancer thing is so new to me, that I had no idea the pain of all you have to go through just to get ready for chemo.  Like today, my mum is going to get her drivers license renewed.  It’s not due until October, but she’ll have no hair then, and might not feel up to standing in a line all day at a government office just to have her picture taken.  So here she is the day before chemo, trying to wrap up a few loose ends.

Guess that saying is right….you don’t realize what people go through until you’ve walked in their shoes.

 I hear Gremlin in the bathroom, better go check on him….



  1. What kind of sandwich did Gremlin eat yesterday? ‘Cause I was doing the same thing from about 9:30 till . . . well, 6 a.m. was my last episode, but I’ve only had ice chips since then! Whew, I don’t want to do that again anytime soon!

  2. Poor, poor Gremlin! And poor, poor you!!! I hope that he feels better very soon, and I hope that you have a much better night tonight!

  3. Poor Gremlin, I hope he is doing better! and I hope you don’t catch what he had! Ewww.

    (hugs) I went through that same thing with my Sister Heather while visiting her last month! We went shopping looking for scarves and couldn’t find ANYTHING! it was not fun. I was seriously thinking of buying a bunch of material and making them for her. but I just didn’t know how. LOL

    I know she found some awesome ones online that she loves. They are comfy and cool. I will go get the link and post here for you. But I realize you want to be able to see them first.
    Just wanted to let you know I TOTALLY understand how you both feel. I wanted to find her something!!!
    I can’t imagine why the scarfs are so hard to find.

    Take care!

  4. http://www.4women.com/?gclid=CMH1q6j6-o0CFR2kgQodFA_KNA

    k that is the link Heather had for the scarfs she found and loves. she also found the cutest shirt today. she posted about it today! lol

  5. Woah now that’s a loaded post, Gi. Hopefully by now (I’m just now looking around) he’s feeling A-OK! The staying up all night with babies is EXACTLY why I never could go for the fourth. I didn’t have it in me to do another night, I like to sleep all night long. Hopefully you’re not too tired tonight to sleep, that happens.

    Glad Cat found you a good link, and you certainly brought up a fantastic question. There should be stores on every corner for women who go through cancer. But then maybe folks don’t wanna look like they capitalize on an illness, idk.

    You’re the best daughter AND momma around, Gi. Here’s to a restful evening and sleep-filled night! xoxo

    PS–he passed. Barely.

  6. Vent away and never apologize for it! You are entitled to it with all you have going on. Hope the Gremlin feels better and to your mother, she will be in my prayers.

  7. I’m so sorry for all you’re going through. I know when I went through that with my Mom…she relied on hats and folks would actually start looking forward to all her new hats…she’d add flowers to be cheerful or wear baseball caps to (as she put it) look “hip.” LOL

    You know, the making them idea is not half bad. Just measure out a large square and cut it…no sewing needed. Just turn the edges under and iron with “Stitch Witch” or something of that variety… Would be pretty easy. And, wouldn’t cost that much at all!

    You’re in my prayers…GGW.

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