WW – Da-dunt, da-dunt….Da-dunt, da-dunt

August 21, 2007


Wordless Wednesday



  1. scary–won’t be going in those waters!!

  2. Whoa! Way too freaky, even if it is just on my computer!

  3. Too close for comfort!!!…look at those teeth!

  4. I love it. Great shot!

    Check out my WW. Have a happy day.

  5. WOW! bow WOW. What a photo!

    See you at my blog :o)

  6. Gi, you’re scaring me!! It’s bedtime and gosh look what you’ve gone and done! Guess I’ll have to blog a little longer. Pshhh…I blame you and you alone!

    PS–how’s Gremlin? xo

  7. What a cool picture! They eye above the water and the teeth below make a great shot!

    Happy WW
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  8. Croc! Silent and watching. Look at those teeth.

  9. This is a cool shot. But at the same time a bit freaky. Glad it is only a picture. Did you take it?

  10. Cool pic, but too close for me. Happy WW!

  11. Aw, he’s smiling!

    Great photo. Mine’s up too, though without any man-eating creatures.

  12. That’s the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this picture!! The scary-movie music! lol! Great photo! Happy WW!

  13. That is way to freaky! You have some of the most amazing photos! I can’t believe last weeks WW was a catepillar (sp?). So cool!

  14. Good photo. Happy WW!

  15. Ooh scary – but a great photo! Happy WW 🙂

  16. Absolutely a great photo. Happy WW 🙂

  17. Picture-perfect! And the title too! Love the expression on his (or her) face!
    Sharon – Pinks & Blues

  18. Yikes! I hope that thing was in an aquarium… LOL

    Amazing shot! 🙂

    Happy WW!

  19. That’s a creature I wouldn’t feel so warm and fuzzy about swimming with!! Yikes!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  20. That’s so funny — I love your caption!

  21. Ahhhh…reminders of life in Florida!

  22. Freeeeaky!

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