Ode to the crazy Danish woman

August 28, 2007

Gma Marie

Sunday morning, J got the call this his grandmother passed away.   We knew it was coming.  She had been diagnosed with Acute Leukemia a month earlier.  Pneumonia kept slipping into her lungs.  On August 26, 2007, while J was talking to the kids in Missouri about his sassy grandma, in Florida, she was raising her arms to heaven and saying, “I want to see my Jesus” and she was gone before her arms fell back to her side.

I could say that Marie was a spunky lady, but that seems to do her no justice.  This woman made me want to pull my hair out one minute then the next she’s making me pee my pants cause she’s cracking me up so hard!  She had some wacked out ideas and ways:

1. I remember talking with her about hair.  She went once a week to her “beautician” to get her hair done; either colored, cut or just plain “done up”.  She never did her own and wouldn’t wash it in between.  I told her I wished I could afford to get my hair done more often and she asked me what I paid.  Lordy!  I thought she was going to cast the hair demon out of me right then and there!  “WHY in the world would you give that kind of money to someone who just does hair?  You tip?!?!?  Oh, I NEVER.  It’s their job.  If they don’t like it enough to do it without a tip, then they should just get out!  Jesus help ’em.”

2. That woman loved Jesus, but I think the devil took over her soul when she played Euchre or Zonko.  She was conniving and greedy!  And she kicked our tail-ends every. single. game. 

3.  She was a mama to everyone.  Doesn’t matter how old or young.  She would drive me nuts when it came to feeding my babies.  She would ALWAYS over feed them and then tell me it’s healthy for them to puke half of it up!  On the other hand, nobody can jiggle gas out of a baby better than Marie!! 

I miss picking on you, Marie…I miss you picking on me…kind of.  Marie, I know that you are finally where you so dearly wanted to be.  I’m happy you no longer have to feel discomfort and anxiety.  You are loved by your family….Howard’s heart is breaking every minute without you.  Better get your mansion in order cause I’m sure he’ll join you soon.  Love, your awnry granddaughter-in-law….Jen

**J will be officiating the funeral so I’ll be out more than in this week.


  1. I think I could get a kick out of your grandma-in-law, Gi. I’m very sorry you won’t get to hear her voice anymore, but I’m sensing it’s a celebration of life and she is definitely with Jesus as I type this. So what a blessing all these funny stories are to you now.

    And….nobody to put paper to the pen like you, GiGi. Hope you write that book soon, because I totally got her personality down right away! I’ll miss you, but I also understand you’re busy. Oh, and sorry now for that yawnnnn down there. Ooops! Love ya, Gi! Please pass my sympathy onto J when you can. xoxo Gidget

  2. Haha, yeah, I thought about the Miss Teen thing–but then I figured you’d get all indignant and stuff. I know how you all about me and my beauty types can be! Why don’t YOU post it–I estimate I can only do 3.2 angry posts per month and keep readers. So I’m keeping doors open for dems. They keep it coming.

    Did you like how I threw my Nicole Richey link in there–putting off two angry thoughts in one post and nobody is the wiser!

    Yawnn? Get out! I’m so not yawn. Although I’m sooo flippin tired I seriously think I nodded off for a sec driving today. Scary. xo

  3. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Marie… but one thing is certain, and that is that she certainly brought such joy and laughter to those who knew her on this earth. And you know that she is attending to all those babies… and card games… in Heaven! You take care…
    Sharon – Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. So sorry to hear of your GMA imlaws passing… She sounded like an awesome lady, and like Gidge said, she is with Jesus now and living it up she is.

    Take care!

    P.s. I sort of posted today. (wordless wednesday)

  5. She sounds like such and interesting lady. It such a peaceful thought to think about Marie and the others we love making their way through heaven. It kind of makes me jealous.

  6. I had left a comment here already, but I guess I didn’t save it.

    I am sorry to hear of Maries passing. I agree though, that she is up in heaven having the time of her life. able to keep her eye on all her loved ones. She sounds like she was an awesome lady, and I am sure she is making her way in Heaven!

    I am praying for you and your family during this time though. It is tough losing such a wonderful person in our lives.((HUGS)) GiGi!

    Take care!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers are with your husband, you and the family. (((HUGS)))

    My husbands grandma died almost two years ago of Leukemia. It also took her fast. A month to the day, from when she was diagnosed. But it was a blessing really that it happened so fast. Cancer sucks!!!

  8. She sounds like the kind of woman that passed on a legacy! So sorry to hear of her passing, praying for comfort for the family in the coming weeks!

  9. You have received an award – go check it out at my blog!

  10. Tag for ya–you have to blog this one!

  11. What a lovely tribute. She sounds like a great lady…a little like my grandmother. I bet her service will be beautiful.

  12. Yay, glad you’re back, GiGi! Update us soon–how’re you guys doing! And….when you’re just twiddling your thumbs (you do that a lot) maybe you’ll resize my two awards, please???? Can’t be too many more awards out there, right? xoxo

  13. Define “I’m back” for me…I’m not feeling entertained!xoxo

  14. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Sometimes the most “spunky” (being diplomatic here!) relatives are the most entertaining, too.

    Jane, P&B Girls

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