Dang…Publish happy

September 6, 2007


I got too quick on my last post and hit the Publish button before I was ready! 

My dear BFF Stacey (aka, The Gidge) has gone and given me an award also!  It’s such a cute little button too!  She thinks when she comes to my blog it makes her smile.  Well, the next award I’m hoping to get from her is a You-make-me-laugh-so-hard-i-pee-my-pants award.  Can you imagine a button for that?!?!

(Thanks, Gidge….I guess I’ll just have to keep my Depends handy while reading your blog…let me know when I can send them your way!)


I am so excited to give this award to my bloggin’ pal, Ms. Can’t Be Wrong (which girl, we need to work on shortening that name…how about Ms. Wrong…oh yeh, guess that’ll be all wrong) at Thinking Out Loud.  This will be her first award and it’s so fitting!  When I think of her IRL (in real life), it makes me smile, so the idea of being able to read her demented thoughts in a blog, makes me giddy!

So Ms., go ahead and grab that button and put it on your blog and ‘wear’ it with pride…cause you lift the spirits of some wild chic.


  1. So glad your back safe and sound! Congrats on the awards!

  2. Pass those depends on over—I’ll be sure and talk to Bridget about that award, she designed this one, you know (And Miles To Go….)

    You know, GiGi, while you’ve been away and I’ve been over here holding down the blogosphere, I’ve kinda gotten stacked up on my awards….when you feel better, would ya? I have the Heart Your Blog and The You Make Me Smile to add. I’ll likely win oodles more awards (lol) so I know I’ll need to figure this out myself. I will. Next award. Promise. You’re.the.best! ~The Gidge

  3. How about Ms. A.R. (Always Right)?!

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