I’m baaaaccccckkkk!!!!

September 6, 2007

Wow…it’s been awhile since I’ve been gone from reality for this long.  I’m sure it wouldn’t feel so over-whelming if I didn’t have a cold the size of a 12-year-old’s chin zit.  Man, colds bite.


Because so many people asked to be entertained by my visit to Ohio (hee, hee….all 1 of you!), here are some highlights: 

Van Wert, Ohio – That town is just a small thing, but if you ever drive by you need to stop by their McDonalds.  There’s a sign just inside that says it’s Jerry Lewis’s restaurant.  I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s like no Mickey D that I’ve ever been in.  The interior consisted of mahoganey wood and marble, a huge LCD t.v. that is placed just aboved the gorgeous gas fireplace.  They play fancy music too.  Not some funky 1980 throwback station.  Unfortunately the food is not different .

The weather in Findlay was so chilly that on my first morning there I decided to go for a morning run instead of a walk.  It was great!  I felt 10 5 years younger and totally invigorated.  Then I proceeded to get a nasty head cold so that ended the whole anti-aging routine for me! (Do you know how sexy I look and feel with tissue up my nose?!)

I forgot how exhausting visitation and funeral schedules are.  J’s family has been in the Findlay area for years so his grandmother had quite the turn out.  I shed more tears than planned.  I’m usually not too weepy, but there were times that were so tender.  Like the time that Howard (Gpa) came around the casket during the funeral and talked to Marie.  He told her how much he missed her and then recited a poem that he wrote for her.  Good Lord, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church!

J did a great job officiating the service.  He loved his grandmother dearly and had a lot of fond memories to share.  I believe he did wonderful job in helping friends and family feel comfortable to laugh and cry.

On the first day there, Gremlin needed to go downstairs to get something, but changed his mind halfway down.  Somehow the message got all confused from his brain to his legs and he proceeded quite quickly down the stairs using his face.  His right eye and nose got the brunt of the fall.  He had a black eye and several deep carpet burns on/around his nose.  Poor guy.  Every picture he looks like he was used as a punching bag.  Nothing was broke so counting my blessing there!

Because of the flood from the previous week, a lot of businesses were closed.  The worst of the flooding seemed to his the business section of town.  Pretty much everything on the outside was cleaned up but the insides were trashed.  It was hard to see such devestation.


Looks like I’ve been tagged a bit while I was gone and was given some really cool awards.  Can’t wait to post about them.  Just finishing up on the laundry and replugging my nose…will be back with more posts post-haste.  Get it post-haste….ok, whatever….I’ll stop…..



  1. Oh man, poor little Gremlin. Very glad his eye is okay!

    The McDonald’s is intriguing, not that I’ll ever plan on going, but wow. Btw, what’s wrong with 1980s flashback songs? Huh?!

    I am very glad you’re back, somewhat intact yet sorry about your cold. Missed you dearly, bff! xo Gidget

  2. God bless a high-end Mac’s Steakhouse! At least they don’t serve pizza! Gag! (Alright, the pizza wasn’t that bad!)

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