Maybe I’ll go to funerals more often

September 6, 2007

Wow!  I leave and get rewarded for it!  Can you believe it?!  I so can….hee, hee.

While in Ohio, one of my new “bloggin’ frien’s”, Misty Dawn, gave me a VERY cool award!  She awarded me this:


Isn’t that cool?

I was immediately drawn to her blog because of her url name: dreamsofbordercollies  Cause I have one, you know. 


Boomer is actually a mix between a Border Collie and an Irish Setter (the black and white kind).  Misty has 3 beautiful BC’s.  I was hooked and have been reading her since.

Thanks Misty!  This award truly warms the cockles of my heart! (Now if it would just burn the snot out of my head, I’d pay ya!)

I think it’s obvious from my sidebar whose blog I also love….The Pinks and Blues Girls.  These girls are amazing.  They seem to have stories after stories that either crack me up or really getting me thinking (do I even need to say how hard that can be?).  They also give me all the celebrity scoop I can imagine.  I mean who needs People magazine when you’ve  got Sharon, Audrey and Jane??? (Sorry, probably shouldn’t have said that, but….)  Considering they handle all that (plus fashion trends!), yet still are as personable as your dearest friend, well….I just get the hives if I don’t read them daily.

Bottom line?  ……I heart your blog, gals…so I’m passing this award to you!


  1. Oh, I heart them so much too! Greattt choice, Gi! xo

  2. How cool are you!? We love your blog, too! I was just telling my mom and Audrey this morning how much I love reading you. (And of course, they agreed!)

    I’m signed in from my other blog, but this is Jane from Pinks & Blues!! Thanks so much for the award!!!!


  3. […] to our bud GiGi(!) at Girl Gone Wild for this “I love your blog” award. We love yours, […]

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