What’s a Nascar??

September 10, 2007


I know I’m living in the Ozarks, but I honestly have NEVER watched a single lap of Nascar races.

Until Saturday night.

They were showing the Nascar Rock and Roll 400.  Yes, as in a bunch of little cars going in a circle 400 times!  The Rock and Roll part came during the pre-show event.  Chris Daughtry!  Owwwww, baby!  That is why I was watching it.  I kept watching because shortly after the concert they all bowed their head to pray.

Yes, I said pray.  I was floored. 

Excuse me?  They still do that thing?  And show it on tv??? 


See, recently a friend of mine, who I think has some sense in her head, announced that she watched Nascar faithfully.  What?!  I, like many others, tend to stereo-type Nascar lovers as people…well, kinda like the ‘gentleman’ pictured above.  I mean, if you look at the commercials that kept running during this show….it was pointed marketing….and I’ll just leave it at that. 

Here’s where I was enlightened:  It’s not just a bunch of cars going in circles.  It’s cool techno gadgets that make cars do insane things.  It’s strategy in play for inching your way up to the front of the pack while still working lap by lap to fine tune your car for the final laps.  It’s timing.  It’s individual bettering yet still working with a teammate.

I can’t say that I watched the entire 400 laps, but I watched enough to see why fans – not just rednecks – get just as worked up over cars going in circles as I get worked up watching my Sooners inch towards a huge goal post 10 yards (or more!) at a time.



  1. Okay, I knew you and I had more in common! I don’t watch Nascar either, but I sure would of if i had remembered CHRIS DAUGHTRY was playing! GAH! I LOVE THAT MAN! LOL

    And this is a Sooner household also. well, Hubby and the boys, I just go along with them because I am not a big football fan! LOL

    You like skillet too? Too cool! yeah, they hooked me in at the concert. I had their C.D. playing most the Day. LOL

  2. I’m a closet nascar fan. I don’t watch it much, but I respect it as a sport. I can’t believe that picture.

  3. That picture rocks!! I HAVE to show my husband that one!! Awesome!!
    – Audrey

  4. I’m so proud of you!
    Give me one moment to wipe away the tear in my eye. Sniff.
    My little buddy watched some laps of a NASCAR race!
    They pray @ every race.
    Since most of the races are on Sunday they have a group called Motor Racing Outreach. Thre are MRO “missionaries” at each track that hold a church service for the drivers, crews, etc. They also go around and pray with each driver before the race begins.
    Now, the local tracks run “Powder-Puff” races . . . I could get you hooked up! What do ya think?

  5. Hey, how did you get my father-in-law’s picture?

    Well now I need to go to the track they just built over in KS–it’s supposed to be a big tourist thing, I just haven’t given it much thought. You should come up, we can make a day out or racing, betting, racing, and betting, then racing home to cover our bets. xoxo

    PS–thanks for your vote–Nova will surely think I’m ‘all that’ now!

  6. Hey, who’s the guy with the number 3 on the back of his sweater!! hahahahhhaha

    Seriously though, my husband and I won a trip last year to the Daytona 500. I was like… , “OK, Honey.”

    But WE HAD A BLAST! I will never be a die-hard Nascar groupie (there are plenty of them to go around anyway), but I have a true respect for the skill, strategy, love and passion that goes into driving these crazy-fast cars round and round a rather dangerous track.

    And I proudly wear my Nascar gear… tiny tank top and cowboy hat!

    Great post!

    Sharon – Pinks & Blues Girls

  7. That picture encapsulates what I thought about NASCAR fans. Thanks for enlightening me!

  8. Yeah, you gotta love the south (and since NASCAR is mostly raced in the south) for still being “bold” enough to pray. To bad the rest of the country or other sports can’t be that bold.

  9. LOL! I enjoy a race every now and then myself!
    I love it when they pray- and then when they have fly overs during the national anthem- so cool.

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