WW – Morro Bay Rock

September 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Morro Bay Rock

Great childhood memories…..


  1. This really is beautiful, Gi. So much I even researched it (I’m not well travelled!). I found this:

    Morro Bay is a working fishing village. Its famous landmark, Morro Rock, was named by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo when he first charted this coast during his 16th Century voyage of discovery. The town is a pleasant tourist destination which has very mild weather all year long. There is no such thing as traffic in Morro Bay, unless, of course, you count birds, sea mammals, and fish!

    Sorry the MBA is a slow go, but it will get better if he sticks it out. If not, this may not be God’s timing for this is all. xoxoxo Gidget

  2. THANK YOU! I cannot complain at all–you’re still waiting on that CD. In the mail this weekend it is. Really. I’m sooo mailing it this weekend. xoxo

  3. I love foggy days on the water. Such a beautiful picture!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  4. This is such a beautiful picture. The fog makes it. Happy WW!!!

  5. What a great picture… makes me wish I was more of a “coaster” than a “mainlander”…

  6. Morro Bay – i knew it! Thanks for the pleasant flashback to high school.

  7. And to think, J-bug and Gpa wake up to a view of it every morning. This coast is just not the same as that one.

    BTW, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo wasn’t that creative a guy to name the rock “morro”. It means “rock” in Spanish.

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