TT – Time for School Pictures

September 13, 2007


 (Only my thumbnails are working this morning, so please feel free to click to enlarge.)



In honor of OldMan getting his pictures taken this week, I thought I’d throw one of mine up.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find my 2nd grade pic (ahem….it’s not about what it looks like….really.) so here’s me in 1st grade.  Don’t I look all shy?  (Either that or that funky bow thing is choking me to death)  Yeah, well here’s me 9 months later.


Outdoors is definitely more my element!  In the background you can see my woolly mammoth dad and my mother doing what she’s always done best. 

I absolutely LOVE this last picture cause I get a kick out of seeing some of the background items.  Like those thermoses (is that right?).  Do you remember those kind that you have to push a huge button on the top for the coffee to pour out?  Also, you’ll note that I was Pepsi girl waaaaaay back then too!

Man, I love these throwbacks!



  1. Crap…they won’t even enlarge now….grrrrr. Sorry about that!!!

  2. Oh, they are still so fun!!


  3. Caleb had his school mug shot taken this week too.
    Yours is great!! Happy TT!!!

  4. Now I know what Old Man would look like if he were at girl!!
    He would hate me for saying it, but his Mom had the same hair cut in 1st grade that he has now!
    This is totally cracking me up!!

    26 hours and 10 minutes until I leave town for No Kid Weekend!!!

  5. You’re such a big ham! Look at you all cute and smiling for the camera! Some things will just remain the same. Love it, Gi! xo

  6. Even as thumbnails, your personality shines through! Great TT pictures! I love that you called your dad a woolly mammoth! 🙂

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  7. Whoa. OldMan looks so much like you! Don’t you just love the 70s ‘dos? Classic. I’ll bet you had on coulats (spelling?), too. Remember those?

    Guess who…

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