WW – How’s Life?

September 19, 2007


Wordless Wednesday


  1. actually it stinks. but thanks for asking 🙂


  2. That was my favorite game ever! Thanks for the memory!

  3. My youngest daughter loves this game.

  4. The Game of Life! Is that the new version?

  5. Complicated.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that game. Ah, those little blue and pink people! ha!

  7. My stooopid computer must not be doing well today–I can’t see the picture. But…..I can tell it’s the Game of LIFEEEE! I love that game! Cat’s son just got one for his BD, need to play with her. I cannot find my personal fave anymore–Payday. If you see it, you are obligated to get it for me! xoxo

  8. Life is crazy, but your photo is so cool. Love it!

  9. I remember this game all too well! This must be the new version. Happy WW!

  10. I used to love playing that game!

  11. when I was younger. . I so wanted that game. Loving Life by the way! Thanks for asking.

  12. Who knew this would be back big? Great post. Thanks!

  13. Great! Thanks for asking. LOL

  14. Okay, Gi girl, you definitely are back….I thought it must be an inbox full of junk when I saw how many new mails I got since I took Alex to piano! You’re funny!

    Yes, my friend, I will be breathing for the lights. I am able to slack off the typing if I have notice, so I’ll slack off ANNNDDDD the beauty of homeschool is that I can tailor it around life. I just like to complain about my days, believe me I’m not all that…but don’t tell John, I have him thinking I’m all that. And a box of cookies.

    Let me know what days you think work, I’ll swipe my hand across that time in my calendar and we will get plans ironed out! Tell Gremlin Niki is quite flattered because he’s not bad lookin himself!

    One more thing–email me if and when you ever need to get whatever is going on off your chest. I type as quickly as I talk, so I can listen. Or you can always call me–you have my number still? I’d answer. Really. I would!!!

    xoxo Gidget

  15. Ah! Married with children .. one of each!! Love this game … just played it recently with my little one! 🙂

  16. Fun game! Happy WW!

  17. LOL, I hated this game as a kid – can’t remember why though. Great picture! 🙂

  18. Can you believe that I have never played this game. NEVER! I need to get it for the boys and play with them. :o)

  19. My grandma had this game and I always loved to play it. I always wanted to have a car full of kids. Wow, I guess it came true. Have a great weekend.

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