Halloween Hullaballoo

September 23, 2007

I hate Halloween!

Well, let me rephrase that.

I hate the days leading up to Halloween.  I LOVE the actual day of Halloween.

My favorite is watching the littlest ones waddling up to your door, barely able to see through their costume and yelling “TWICK O’ TWEAT” just a little bit too soon and then breaking their neck to see just what kind of candy they got.  Then of course you’ve the parents saying, “Say thank you.  Did you tell the nice lady thank you for giving you Satan’s sugar?”  But they’re already off stumbling around trying to find the next porch.

My oldest son’s indecision on what to wear is what drives me nuts.  Then the same old frustrations of, Do I buy?  Do I make?  Do I really care?

OldMan has wanted to be some Star Wars character every year for the past 3 years.  Then at the last minute, he changes his mind to something completely different.  Gremlin has always been…”whatever”.  So last year, they were Batman and Robin (SO CUTE!).

This year OldMan wants to be Obi Wan Kenobi (shocker!!).  In the middle of OldMan’s very detailed description of what he wants, I hear Gremlin in the background say quietly, “I think I’ll be a bat.”

Hold the boat…..

“A bat???”

“Yeah…a blue bat.”


How the hey-hoo do I make him a bat?  He’s changed his mind to a black bat now, but this UN-Holly-Homemaker chic doesn’t know what to do with this October 31st day.

Then I found this.

There may be hope after all.


  1. I KNOW I love the P&B Girls site–almost wish I could pop another just to buy that stuff! Almost. No, not really. I’m done.

    YOU. are. insane–you know this, so tell your friends not to thump me. Niki used to LOVE singing that song and changing the M into an M. She doesn’t hear it as much as you’d think–remember we’re the only ones stuck in the 80’s!

    She had a grand time, thank goodness. No drama. Just fun. Hard to even wrap my mind around it, it’s been so long since she’s had fun with a group of friends. How’s your butterfly boyfriend, btw? I hear he’s got a brother–wear your charm bracelet next week. xoxo

  2. Well OHHHH Kay! I’m all over this guy now–(talking about the embryo guy on my post). He doesn’t know he’s dealing with GiGi’s bff. And your bff is tough as nails and doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to letter-writing. That she’s aware of anyway.

    ‘dog and butterfly….up in the air he likes to fly…dog and butterfly….Below she had to try she roll back down to the warm soft ground laughing, she don’t know why, she don’t know why…dog and butterfly’

    *okay okay I’ll stop now–but you’re the nasty*

    But did you know I once had tickets to Heart, I think summer of 1987 or 88–FOURTH row! I could almost see the sweat dripping off Nancy’s nose–it was that darn good!

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