Picture tag

September 25, 2007

I can always count on Stacey to hit tag me!  This is kinda cool except my camera won’t cooperate (grrrr!). 

I’m suppose to take a photo outside of the window I usually blog from (yes, yes…I shouldn’t end with from).  Weeeeelllll, that window is behind me, so I don’t get to look out of it while blogging (short attention span….I’d stare instead of type).  Even though my camera is acting like a 2 year old, I did find this photo:

I took this last spring while in the middle of a downpour.  If you look really hard, you can just make out an Ark in the background.

I want to tag Cat and Misty Dawn.  Cat, you’re looking for something to blog about…here ya go!  And Misty Dawn, like don’t you ever take photos??? (hee, hee…she is the photo queen!)



  1. Crack me up! You know if you were up here, it’d look sort of like that now. Okay, maybe not an ark, it’s been a nice steady rain, much needed, so I’m happy. My new roof is up, so I’m relieved it waited to rain until this week, but I note the people behind us used roofers that didn’t tarp last night–sure hope that tar paper holds water reeeel good. (he’s a grouchy old lawyer, I don’t worry about him) xoxo

  2. Oh boy. Well, right now, there is a huge, giant pile of dirt outside the window that is nearest where I blog from (yes, I’m ending the sentence with from). See my post about “My House is Shaking” if you don’t know why I have a giant mountain of dirt outside my window. However, I have a photo from late July that will work 😉 Thanks for the tag, and I sincerely apologize for never taking or posting any photos (hehehe)

  3. Hahaha.. you all are really having fun here! Halo Gigi.. have a nice day.


  4. AWESOME! thanks GF!!! I do need stuff to blog about. I love doing pictures, so I will try to get this done tomorrow.

    I have a pic that looks very simular to yours! Our backyard flooded like that during a down pour also.

    Hmmm the wheels are turning in my head now for tomorrows post!

    Take care girl!

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