TT – Graduation Day

September 27, 2007




Who – Me, Hulkman, Famous Bro, Missy (English Springer Spaniel)
When – 1988
Where – Oklahoma
Why – Hulkman’s “graduation” day.  He had gone as far as he could in school and dearly wanted to graduate.  Talked with the school and he along with 700 kids donned their caps and gowns and bid farwell to high school.  He was one proud guy…..And so were we!



  1. He looks very handsome here, GiGi! I can see the pride in his eyes, that’s a great one! If you haven’t already, that’d be a good one to blow up and frame.

    I think I had that dress too! You look way cuter than I did in it. I won’t touch the short shorts, lol. He knows, he don’t need me tellin him thems some fine short shorts.

    I zonked out before midnight myself–surprised me! But I think you woke ME up this time at 5am. I’m sleepy, wanna go back to bed but have to keep going.

    Happy Throwback. xo

  2. What a proud moment for you all! It’s so clear that you are such a loving family! I love that Missy made it into the picture! 🙂

    Happy TT!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  3. 1988 is the same year that I graduated from high school! 🙂
    Great photo!

  4. Great grad photo! 🙂 He does look so proud to be graduating! 🙂

  5. What a cool photo! Great memories!
    Just getting caught up with what I have missed for 2 weeks!

  6. Get over and do Aloha Friday!

  7. I love it! I swear I had that exact dress once upon a day!

  8. Looks as if your dress is poopular! Gigi, I wish I coulda been there with you too! Oh gosh, Grandfather’s Mansion will never be okay without you now, so now when we go it’ll be tradition you go, we swing and chat. But maybe we spend more time together next time. That was the worst thing–being all excited to meet you and LOVING who you were and having to say goodbye so quickly. Walking you to the G lot line–it’s sad you didn’t have the prestige we had to park in the what was it? C lot? B lot? Somewhere up there. I know that. Get up here in November early December, no excuses.

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