How’s your roids?

September 30, 2007

Man, am I ever the over-achiever!

Some may know that I had Graves Disease that went hypo and has been all over the charts ever since.  The big kicker is that stress (good or bad) can really smack it out of wack.  I usually find myself so caught up in the stress that I forget the symptoms I’m supposed to be looking for until it gets REAL bad. 

Lately it’s been REAL bad.

Went and got my blood tested.  The nurse said, “If the results are way off then you’ll get a phone call tomorrow.  If it’s just a little off, then you’ll get something in the mail.”  I was praying like a mad woman that they called ’cause if this wasn’t my thyroid then I was going mental and I would hate to prove my sister-in-law right!



“Uhm…is this Jenny Beth?”

“If you’re selling me something, you better be calling from another country cause I’m going to kill you for using my middle name!”

“Okkkaaay.  Jenny?  This is Dr. Jones’ office calling about your lab results?”

“Ohhhhhhh…..hehehe….sorry about that.  I take it it’s bad.”

“Judging from this phone call I think you know that already.  The normal range is 0.34 – 4.82….Jenny, you are 34.40.  Are ya feeling it??”

Oh was I feeling it. 

So I got my new meds and should be feeling a bit better within a few weeks or so.  Man!  How did I get off track so bad?  I told my mum and she went Harry Carrey on me.  She gave me the whole, “I told you this and I told you that and I’m probably just spittin’ in the wind with you!!!”

I let her get it all out; promising to take my pills regularly.  The next day I went to visit her and she was still irritated with.  Apparently she had dreamt that night she was literately spitting in the wind.  All tuckered out, she was!

So what’s with the spitting in the wind?  Have no clue, but don’t you dare ask her about licking her calf! That’s a whole other weird “saying” passed down.  Every heard of ’em?



  1. Jinkies Gigi what in the WORLD were your symptoms? Do you feel like you’re climbing the walls? What? Because that’s a huge spike. Oh gosh, do you think that’s what all that sharpening tools and cutting branches was about?

    I think I told you I’m hypo–so what I propose is you toss me some of your hyper. I get real tired and I can’t lose weight any faster than one pound per calendar year. I figure at 79, I’ll finally hit the mark! Gi, take better care of yourself. Just like the old put the air mask on yourself in the plane before you help others (still can’t reckon with that if its my kids, though, I’ll admit it) you must take better care of your health. Your momma needs you right now. So does your dad, your brother, your kids, your husband…no pressure, though, nope. xoxo Gidget

  2. I’ve got thyroid issues too. Presently I am hypo. My mom had graves and tends towards hyper still. So usually when my meds are off it is my mom saying “Tara, go get your blood checked. I think you’re off.” Or my husband saying “I think your thyroid is crazy again.”

  3. Well, I’ve had to take my calf and lick it over several times! As long as you realize it’s not the calf on your leg, it’s all good!

    That’s one of my favorite sayings!

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