She likes me!

September 30, 2007


 My dear mum thinks that Stacey and I’s comment patterns are crazy!  You almost have to read all of Stacey’s comments to understand the comments on my site and vice-versa.  Apparently that makes Trinity smile.  I’m happy!  I can easily see how it could annoy some people, but it sounds like Trinity actually gets a kick out of it!  How fun is she!

Thanks for the smile award, Trinity.  I’ve been enjoying your blog too.  Now that we’re all friends and such I think you should know some things.  Stacey is my bff and all but she does have issues, so please be warned. See the following:

1. She cares about people who need love.
2. She gives 150% of herself to every project she takes on.
3. She has a family that is not to be reckoned with.

 With that kind of support and good karma…she’ll keep your world spinning!!


  1. I was reading your comments to me (you’re kind of all or nothing, right–no updates, no comments for three, four days then BAMM!). Anyway, I’m reading and I think I should read your comments with my support bra on. I’m laughing so hard I think they might fall out! Your comment to little John is too funny–and you’ve pegged him just right. He’s all about Scooby. So if you get to come up, we’ll go see him (he lives very close).

    Speaking of–I take it you ask me because you’re coming up then? I don’t EVEN need to think about this–I’m not EVEN going to go to the kitchen, flip open the cabinet door and look at the calendar the sweet little girl from Catholic school schmoozed me into buying last year because she was too cute and check. Okay, I will check for SURE later just in case I’m having surgery or something. And I’ll cancel that too unless it’s:

    *tummy tuck
    *eye lift
    *upper chester area lift (NOT saying I need one, though)

    If I’m scheduled for one of those, you’ll have to come the next weekend. It chould happen, John could surprise me. MY John, not nursing home John. That’d be so out of character. I think.

    What you said about me up there ^^? You’re beyond special–and I think after your December trip up, we need to talk about you moving a little farther north. Or…need to meet halfway here and again–how long would that be? Could we all meet for lunch and still get you and Cat home before the kids got home from school? HEYYYY…let’s do that very soon. xoxo

  2. Oh gosh, that’s too long for a comment. Sorry!!

  3. Well, GGW…you DO make me smile! In fact, if I had an awesome-God-lovin’, not-afraid-to-be-who-I-am award…it’d have to go to you!

    Love your new header…puts me in the mood for Fall!!!

  4. Hey – you’ve got ANOTHER AWARD waiting for you on my blog!

  5. I totally get a kick out of your marathon comment sessions with Stacey. They’re so fun to follow!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. haha… you all are fun peoples! haha.. and it is infectious to your blogsphere as well…!


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