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WW – Mooning Pumpkin

October 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


 Happy Halloween!!

Saw this idea in a photo and had to try it myself…I don’t think my mailman cared for it too much!


Back in the day…

October 30, 2007

Kailani, over at An Island Life is having a Halloween Costume Contest.  I’ve been looking at everyone’s entries and thought, ‘Ah…what the heck’….

This goes back to 2000.  J and OldMan are Frontiersmen and I am Raggady Annie in the Hood.


We had so much fun that year trick-or-treating…obviously more for us than OldMan.  Now that him and Gremlin are older I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get their ghetto homemade outfits made in time.

As it always goes for most moms (and dads!) you’ve just about got the finishing touches on the outfit when ….”Moooommmm, I REALLY want to be something else!” 

This evening I had OldMan’s Obi Wan Kenobi outfit and Gremlin’s bat costume just about finished up when I got that loving announcement from both of them.  Now normally I would given them the speech about thankfulness for what they have, etc, etc….but I’m so stinkin’ tired!  So instead I called my Mum to whine to her.

My dad answered.

Ok…I can whine to him.  The response back?

“Oh really?  Changing their minds at the last moment, huh?  Kind of like that time we drove 10 hours one way to get you a really nice graduation dress, that you decided last minute not to wear?  Or the time that you…”

“DAD!…Isn’t Mum there??”

{insert evil snicker from dad here}

Tomorrow?  OldMan will be an Ultimate Free-Fighter (aka: wearing karate oufit) and Gremlin will be a Super G.I. Joe Forest guy!


Dear Santa,

October 30, 2007

This week year has really sucked.  But…

I think I have been a very good girl despite all that and I’ve got the awards to prove it.

Misty Dawn thinks I’m a bloggin’ Wonder Woman and I’m good for the community:

 wonderwoman.jpg                      communitybloggerawardwf1.jpg

and Trinity thinks I’m a sweet treat..I mean sweet as a treat! and she appreciates my friendship.  Shoot, even Gidge thinks I’m a good friend despite all the harassing I give her.  See?….

halloween.gif         friendship.jpg

This might be more on the sad side than good, but I even got this award and don’t remember who gave it!


Which kind of defeats the whole point of the award, but….

There are definitely days that I don’t feel sweet, nice, friendly, or like a hero, but these ladies are just a few that are to me.  Actually, you know what Santa?  Skip me and please make sure these ladies have an extra special Christmas this year.  I’ll just head over to Rocks in my Dryer and try to pick up a few giveaways.


The attack of the annoying virus

October 30, 2007

Thank God for a new and hopefully virus-free week….

Last week, we took OldMan to the ER 3 times before a doctor was able to diagnosis his problem…Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP).  It is a viral infection that attacks the blood vessels, joints, kidney and skin.  Oldman had a very aggressive form of it.  He was in a LOT of pain most of the week and there wasn’t much we could do for him.  The virus just had to run it’s course.  Here is a picture of what his hiney, legs, arms, feet looked like:


The scary part is the kidney issue.  It can attack his kidney up to 3 months after the rash goes away.  On Friday his blood pressure was high indicating that the virus was attacking his kidney.  We just kept an eye on him and kept him off the ibuprofen.  The dr also gave us some steroids to help with the joint pain.  It was a nerve-wrecking week-end…waiting for a sign that his kidneys were failing.

Thankfully that did not happen and his blood pressure was back to normal and his urine is still showed no blood.  The swelling is going down and his sores are starting to fade.  He’s also come down with Fifth’s disease (another virus), but it doesn’t hurt him and it just has to work itself out of his system. 

All of this because of strep!  His immune system must have been really low.  We’ll be working on that!!!

Now that I’ve started catching up on some sleep I’m ready to catch up on some blogging!


TT – Futuristic Fashion

October 25, 2007




 That’s one hot chicky-mama, huh?!

I was in 9th grade and starting to peek the rebellious teenage phase.  My school was having an Era Themed party.  Everyone was supposed to dress up from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s, etc.  That’s sounded SOOOOO boring to me, so I dressed for the Millinium.  This is what I thought people in the year 2000 would wear.  The white hooded cape is a fitted bed sheet (glamorous!).

Somehow the local paper (Muskogee Pheonix) got wind of it and came to take pictures.  The oh-so professional photographer got me wiping crumbs from my face.  The caption even said that was what I was doing!  When I saw this in the paper, I was a little embarrassed of the pose but completely satisfied that they chose my outfit over the other dull ones….(Take THAT, Mr. Purdue!!!)


Substitute teacher

October 24, 2007


 An Apple for Teacher (it drives me nuts there’s no ‘A’ before Teacher!)

For those people who spend much time and energy teaching us how to do things on blogs, encouraging us, enabling us, instructing us and enthusing us

I was so stunned to get this award from my BFF Stacey that it’s left me speechless for weeks now.  I definitely don’t feel like I’m worthy to be a teacher…maybe a sub.  Remember subs?  Every school-aged kid’s dream.

A time to be mischeivious.

A time to be tricky.

A time to shirk off responsibilities.

Sounds like some good Halloween fun actually!!

I think in order to teach, you need to be willing to learn.  And I have learned a lot…and blogged about it:

I’ve learned to expand my horizons ~     nascar.jpg

I’ve learned to laugh ~   100_1465.jpg

I’ve learned to love ~    wedding-kiss.jpg

and I’ve learned to cry ~ hillbilly.jpg  just kiddin’….kind of.

I really suck at passing these awards off to people.  This one is no different….I learn things from everyone! (ok, so I’m easy to entertain too).  There are a few people I’d really like to pass this to but they don’t have blogs (ahem!).

But lately I’ve really gotten a lot out of Anne over at Flower Dust.  I don’t even know if she accepts blog awards, but she is a great teacher.  She’s one of those bloggers that incorporates all her readers into her posts.  Besides that she’s WAY cool.  Rumor has it she’s really Kat!  Oklahoma is not too far for me to go for a great tat!


WW – The Babysitter

October 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday