Are you cheap?

October 2, 2007

I’m not as cheap as I could be.

Veronica at Toddled Dredge wrote a post about being cheap and wanted to know what one thing everyone else was cheap on.  My first reaction was…I’m not cheap on anything.  But I’ve been doing some thinking on that and By Golly…everyone is cheap on at least one thing in their life.

My husband’s one thing is groceries….uh, hello!  That seriously conflicts with my need to eat.

I used to be cheap on anything that had to do with hair…haircut, dye job, products, etc.  Now that I’m getting older and have more grey hair than my Mum (ok, so I have more hair than my mum right now too, but you get my point) I’m not settling anymore.  I may not go in every 4-6 weeks, but I still go in and get the job done right and dyed right and then I use just the right products.  And dang it I don’t feel guilty!  ….much….

I’m definitely not cheap when it comes to coffee either.  It’s actually gotten worse.  Now that Target is carrying Dunkin Donuts coffee, I’ve added a new mixture of grounds to my morning routine.  YUM!

So my cheap secret?

I’m cheap when it comes to shoes.  How sad is that?!  You would think I would respect my feet much more than that, but not so much.  I LOVE shoes and can’t seem to have enough, but the idea of spending more than $35 for a pair of shoes just about sends me over.  I have to work a little harder as far as finding the right deals and when to go for the sales, but it’s SO worth it when you walk away with a pair of dang cute sandals for $15 when they were originally $95!! 

What one thing are you cheap on?  If you think you’re cheap on everything…what are you cheapest on?  It’s kind of intriquing…


  1. […] desktop1 wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptVeronica at Toddled Dredge wrote a post about being cheap and wanted to know what one thing everyone else was cheap on. My first reaction was…I’m not cheap on anything. But I’ve been doing some thinking on that and By Golly…everyone is … […]

  2. You’re not cheap. You’re resourceful!

    Obviously, you can buy MORE shoes if you spend less on each pair!

    It’s the best of both worlds — great bargains and more shoes!

  3. Oh Gi, I’m cheap on shoes, clothes, hair dye (I’m starting to need it too) haircuts, furniture (need to stop that–I’m getting tired of buying things that break after a year!) and shampoo.

    I listened to my sister Jamee when she told me about seven years ago that I need to stop buying cheap-a*% underwear (she didn’t say a%$, I’m the sailor-sister) and try the nice stuff at Kohl’s. She was so right, I DO feel better. But…still only buy on sale.

    I try not to be cheap on makeup–I now pay up to $12 for foundation–and I know y’all who go to the dept stores are laughing right now–but darnnit, I can’t bring myself to DO that. Not when John’s underwear still comes from the big K. xoxo

  4. I’m cheap on myself. I know, that probably doesn’t make sense. You see, I don’t buy things for myself… I’ll pick something up, put it in the cart or carry it around with me, and by the time to check out, I have convinced myself that I really don’t need it, and I put it back. I’m not like that when I’m buying things for other people… I’m only like that with myself. The other day, I carried around two scented candles that were marked down from $6 to $2.50… do you think I bought them for myself? Of course not! I went and put them back on the shelf LOL But, then I did buy a few special things for Hubby! See, I’ve got issues.

  5. Hmmm…I think I’m the cheapest on clothes. I won’t spend over $20 on jeans or shirts. I am the least cheap on food. I only have a family of three but I spend waaaaaaay too much on groceries. I need to work on that.

  6. My shoes are terrible. I buy sandals once a year and sneakers once a year, and my dress shoes are about a decade old. There was a time I was fashionable, but now it is only a misty memory.

    Thanks for responding.

  7. I’m cheap on everything, except hairstylists and facial care! Groceries is my cheapest, though. I routinely pay less than half price for my groceries. Buy One Get One is not a good enough sale for me! I have to have a coupon to go with it—DOUBLED! I wrote a post about how I get by paying so little for groceries. (http://www.reallifeblog.net/2007/09/works-for-me-harris-teeter-and-grocery.html)

    I am also cheap on clothes. 50% off is my minimum!

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