October 2, 2007

Last Friday was Family 4 Mini-Vacation Day.

Every once in awhile we try to have a mini-vacation.  Sometimes that might just be driving down the road to Branson for an all day excursion.  It just feels good to drive “away” from it all.  Lately, our mini-vacations have ended up being more dramatic than relaxing.  Thankfully Friday was nothing but fun.

We went to Silver Dollar City and had a ball.  They’re featuring Missouri Crafters and had a Fall/Western theme going on.  The weather was perfect and the lines to the rides weren’t too bad.

The boys hadn’t been through SDC’s Marvel Cave so we watched a few “shows” in the pavillion while waiting for the next cave tour.  SDC does show some pretty talented people, but sometimes I just crack up!  They had this American Indian doing his native dance.  It was really cool and the boys totally dug it, until the dancer whipped out the flourencent hula-hoops.  OldMan turned to me with huge eyes and said, “They had hula-hoops way back then?!?!?”  I thought I was going to fall over.  Now mind you, he had a very impressive dance with those hoops, but COME ON!

The next act was much cooler.  If you watched America’s Got Talent, this summer you might’ve saw Johnny Lonestar.  He was the guy that did the lasso and bullwhip acts (he also did a gun slinging act, but the tv station didn’t air that).


Mr. Johnny was pretty dang impressive.  This picture is him lassoing (is that how you say that?!) with a 50-foot rope.  The kid in front of him was suppose to lasso with this little jump rope thingy.  I was more in awe of his bullwhip abilites, but was too stunned to take a picture of that.

In case my opinion would matter to Mr. Lonestar…  I would give him a 7 out of 10.  The only reason why he wouldn’t be a 9 is because of his outfit.  Spandex and cowboy boots?!  COME ON, Johnny!  There is no reason on God’s green earth why a man (performer or not) should be wearing spandex while playing with ropes and bullwhips.  One wrong move from the whip and you’re standing buck-naked in all your, ahem….glory. 

Then again, maybe that’s what you should’ve done on America’s Got Talent and you would’ve lasted longer.



  1. Gi, take that rating back–from this vantage point, I think spandex is just the right outfit for Johnny. I’m doing your famous low whistle right now–that’s how good he looks–I mean lassoes. Or is it lass-ohhs or is it lassos? SDC is the bomb.

    I agree Grandfather’s mansion will not be the same without you. I remember growing up vividily what it was like when Dad, Jamee and I went through over and over, giggling at Dad when he exaggerated his stance for us…we loved it. And now I have added sitting on the porch swing with you talking 89 mph trying to get it all in before time to go. xoxo The Gidge

  2. All I can say is that when I want to laugh, I just come visit your blog! I truly love the way you write and your thoughts – you crack me up – you are truly fabulous!

    Hmmm, my hubby is ‘technically’ a cowboy – I think he’d tell me where to go if I suggested he wear some spandex with his cowboy boots!

  3. ^Gi, she was talking about my RESPONSES to your posts, I don’t think she made that very clear though. Hope this helps.

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