October 2, 2007

(Harry Potter would be proud of that one!)

 I am feeling some more love…my blogging friend Misty Dawn has awarded me a dang cute award!  See?


I love adding to my brown-nosing page… 

Have you seen her photos?  She’s so talented and I don’t think she realizes it…it’s like those girls that are so stinkin’ beautiful yet they think their ugly.  I want to throttle them!  So dear, Misty…if you don’t get a clue on how fabulous you really are…be prepared for a serious hands-on approach from me!



  1. She really is good, you’re so right! I think Misty should come to us and do a photo shoot–she’s so good I’ll bet she can make me look like I have no pores whatsover–wearing my size two jeans.

  2. LOL – you two are hilarious! I would truly love to either a) get beat up by GGW or b) give a free photo shoot to you guys… why? cuz it would mean that I would get to hang out with you!!! That would be too cool (better bring Cat along too).

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