WFMW – Candle wax removal?

October 3, 2007


Since Works For Me Wednesday is having backwards day, I thought I’d take advantage of it:

How the hey-hoo do you get candle wax off the wall without using an iron?

It’s on the wall, close to the floor.  I’ve scrapped as much off as I can but there’s still a very thin layer left.  If I try to use a paper towel with an iron, I have to turn the iron sideways and it spills stinkin’ hot water all over me and makes me say things I shouldn’t(!).

 Any ideas??


  1. Well, Ms. Always Right has a suggestion.

    Place a washcloth in a small pot of boiling water. I would even let the washcloth boil. Also, choose a light color to prevent fading or bleeding.

    Grab a pair of tongs and take your pot over to the wall. Use the tongs to squeeze excess water from the wash cloth and immediately (still using the tongs) gently wipe the spot on the wall.

    Plan B.
    Use a “Magic Eraser” soak in very hot water. Apply using thick rubber gloves to prevent burning.

    Plan C.
    Use a utility knife to cut a small rectangle around the the wax spot. Patch with a new piece of sheet rock!

    Seriously, options. What more could you ask for!

    P.S. How’s your Mum today?

  2. how about dumping the water out of your iron before you try? does that work? The iron is the only thing I’ve ever known to get wax off things.

  3. Yep, I agree with Jes: dump out your iron and set on dry iron, not steam.

  4. Paint it. Have you painted over it? That’s what we do when we get wax all over our walls. It happens a lot. Doesn’t everyone get wax on their walls? idk.

  5. Hair dryer on high setting?

  6. I agree.. hair dryer on high but have a paper towl handy to catch drips and wipe up the melting wax. Should we ask HOW you got wax on a wall? (grin)

  7. Thank you so much for your comment on my post about moving to Texas. I’d never heard about the stages of culture shock so I’m definitely going to be checking that out.

  8. i had wax all over a wall wicker stuff animal scraped off what i could than used the blowdryer on high and blotted with papertowel worked wonders i also painted the wall afterwards mess all gone

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  10. Good article, thank you. Could you explain the second paragraph more?

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