TT – OldMan

October 4, 2007



My oldest son, OldMan, has been worrying this mama recently.  Since he’s already occupying my head I might as well as feature him on my Throwback Thursday.

As with most 7 YO’s, he trying to figure out his place in this world (and driving his mom crazy in the process).  He’s been such a space cadet and he can’t figure out what he wants half the time.  He feels pulled between what his childhood side wants and what he thinks is “cool”.  So half the time I find him staring off into space.  If he was a teenager, I’d have his urine tested for pot.  Geez….


This is OldMan at 2.  He was all about doing whatever his fun mama wanted to do.  He was a hoot.


To show you how easy he was to please…he even thought picking up dog poop was fun(with his GreatAunt)!

Not so much now though.

Go figure.



  1. He is super-cute, Gi! And I might add he sings a mighty fine happy birthday song, along with his brother (and his fun mom). Heck yes, dog poo duty can be fun. Give me a plastic baggie on one hand and a plastic baggie wrapped around the other and I’m set for a day of fun. Good Throwback! xoxo

  2. So 7 is the magic age when they start to space out? OK, I’ll prepare myself for that with Audrey’s boys! I love these pictures of OldMan… if he still liked to pick up dog poop, I would invite him to my house. He would have had a ball in my backyard!!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  3. He’s such a good kid! I remember going through that stage. I was diagnosed with an ulcer in 2nd grade! No kidding!

    Good news is I eventually came out of my shell and have turned out pretty normal (You can zip the smart comments right now!), and Old Man will too!



  4. I think it is the age. my Oldest went though it in 2nd grade, Now Mr Man my 7 year old is in 2nd grade and I keep asking, what happened to my boy, he is at that stage. They do grow out of it though, Thank Goodness LOL.
    What a cutie he was..
    Have a great Thursday.

  5. Adorable little boy. My son makes me crazy too – especially with the whole “cool” thing and the whole “other kids are doing it”thing. I’m in trouble when he gets older, I can just tell!

  6. My Caleb went through the same thing last year. But I swear he is a different child now. It must be the age. 😉

    Cute pictures of your oldest. Happy TT!!!

  7. Oh yeah, I did write that about you didn’t I!

    Note to self: Things in bloggy world come back to haunt you!

    It’s kind of the same mouth from the cheerleading picture, isn’t it!

  8. It’s Blog Friend Turned Real Life Friend (BFTRLF)–which technically you are as well. So maybe I’ll call you BFTRLF and it’ll have something to do with boogers or barf or something….because you’re my BFTRLF too and you comin to KayCee you comin to KayCee…I’m excited!!!! I should start cleaning NOW!

  9. Oh he’s a cutie! My oldest is turning 7 in the spring. 🙂

  10. Gigi… my son will turn to be 7 this oct 7th 🙂 we do really have to enjoy every stage of their life as time flies very fast!

    Btw, I tag you to share 6 weird things about you! *grin* so curious to read your post! hahaha…

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

  11. What a cutie! Absolutely adorable!

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