It’s in my blood

October 5, 2007


UPDATED:  “We will, we will, rock you, sock you, pick you up and drop you.  Flush you down the toilet.  Hope you enjoy it.  Blood on your face.  A big disgrace……”  28-21!!!!!!


Growing up, I cut my teeth on Oklahoma Sooner football. 

Which meant the orange was ugly.

Orange = Texas Longhorns

There are a lot of college ball rivalries, but none like ours.  The TX/OK battle started WAY before Oklahoma was even a state!  We know our priorities.

So what is a Boomer Sooner?  The day Oklahoma became a state, landowner wanna-be’s took off with a cannon’s blast(boom) to stake their claim.  However, the smart ones crossed over during the night and “pre-claimed” their spots.  They were the first Boomer Sooners.

So basically we’re cheaters.

I’m aight with that.

Last weekend, OU lost…barely.  Texas lost BAD. 

Tomorrow I will be over at my mum’s taking care of her losing my voice while OU kicks some Longhorn boot-eh on an awesome HDTV screen.

“Boomer Sooners! Boomer Sooners!…..”


  1. Hook ’em Horns!!

  2. You’re a Missourian, your loyalties should belong ONLY to the Kansas City Chiefs. GiGi. Gosh, this is embarrassing–I don’t know if you can visit us now. I mean, I like you and stuff, but John, he might not be welcoming. Me? I know no pettiness, I will welcome you with open arms and maybe a Chiefs jersey.

  3. Don’t you know? Orange is the new red.

    Hook ’em horns!

  4. THE PAIN!!! I need an aspirin the size of a cheeseburger!

    texass sucks.

    we dominated you guys!!

  6. It’s funny that the photo you have is an OU RB jumping over and OSU D-Line. Congrats on the mix up clown.

  7. Justin, congrats on the mixup clown!! Its actully a OU RB jumping over a syracuse D-Line. I am in the photo; numbnuts.

  8. hey stud, thats oklahoma state. syracuses’ colors are blue and orange. that is definitly osu. this coming from a REAL SOONERS FAN

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