Weird = GiGi

October 5, 2007

UPDATED – I totally forgot to tag someone!!  How could I forget something like that?!  My friend Ms. A.R. hasn’t done a Meme yet (I think)…let’s see what she does on this one….Mwaahhahahhaa!!!! 

I guess Trinity needs a good laugh from me cause she’s tagged for a 6-weird-things-about-me meme.  I was actually in the middle of a post about a few eating issues I have that goes with this tag quite nicely.

Even though I’ve lived more years away from Oklahoma, I am a bit of an Okie when it comes to food.  The cravings can be annoying at times.

1.  I adore ‘Spam Fries’.  I don’t care how you cut it, Spam is a meat.  At least to me.  Spam fries are when you fry up some potato and onions, then throw in some diced spam at the end.  Top it with ketchup and you’ve got yourself some glorified hash!  Yum!!

2.  For an Okie salad, it’s completely kosher to eat cold asparagus out of a can topped with mayo.  Ditto on the Yum!

3.  Football games may mean nachos and wings for some.  For me it means drinking RC cola and cracking nuts.  …No, no…the kind you eat!  (Stop it!)

4.  For most States it’s called Sweet Tea, for Okie’s it’s just called Iced Tea.  Don’t insult me with anything that includes Green, White or Rasberry “tea”.

5.  Must eat black-eyed peas with raw onions and cornbread on January 1st of every year.  Otherwise bad luck will follow me the rest of the year!

6.  I know you might think that Moonpies might be our thing for dessert, but that’s really a Texas ‘thang’.  And we don’t do Texas.  For me an Okie dessert is a huge bowl of Blackberry Cobbler.  Most like it with vanilla ice cream, but I don’t care for ice cream so I just take it plain and hot.  YUM!

Now some of you might think I’m pretty Ok-ta-fied, but not so.  I’m just bad enough to entertain my Yankee husband.  If I was a true Okie, than I would’ve been slobbering over the fried catfish that my cousins (3 times removed) had at their wedding.

That’s just wrong on all kinds of levels.

Excuse me while I urp in one of my indoor plumbing pots!


  1. Gi, can you possibly make me laugh any harder? You are gifted beyond gifted, girl! I see a column in your future.

    But….you have some funky ideas when eating’s involved. Hope you aren’t disappointed when none of that will be served when you’re here–well Spam fries sound interesting. Minus the ketchup. Okay…now I’m gonna haveta urp in my plumbing pot–indoors of course!

    **PS thanks for the funny about the hot coals–I’m soo in for that. And I’m a bff to the LSPD’s Captain’s wife, so we’ll soo get away with it. And if that’s not good enough, I’m with a pastor’s wife. Pshh…you’re practically glowing with goodness. Okay…urp again…sorry..excuse me……

  2. Wow you US people have some weird ideas as to what taste’s good…..it must be a Canadian thing but I just laughed cause I didn’t get most of your jokes….LOL!
    Finally catching up after the CD release….I hope all things are going well!

  3. hahaha… you are a true entertainer I must say.. 🙂 btw, are you kidding about no. 5? every Jan 1st you eat those for good luck!?! That’s the most weird thing I’ve every laughed at.. qiqiqiqiqii….

    I thought you want to tag your friends to know how weird they are..but may be you are too sweet to bother them! hahahah… Have a great weekend!

    Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

  4. Hi Gigi… skipped over from Stacey’s to visit…

    Hmmmmm… gotta disagree with ya… SWEET TEA isn’t just iced tea sweetened… OK… maybe it is… BUT… it’s gotta include a bit of “Southern Love” in it for me… :o)

    My “Big Daddy” would agree with ya on the SPAM… it’s meat… and he loves it fried up on white toast with a bit of REAL MAYO

    Glad I visited… you gave me a good laugh!!!

    I didn’t realize ya’ll had indoor plumbing out that way!!! :o)

    Lala :o)

  5. LaLa that’s FUNNY–I thought the same thing. She is considered a bottom feeder here in Missouri…bein all down in the hills and stuff.

  6. I’ve tagged you with another meme 😉

  7. LOL omg you cracked me up here girl! what is really funny is I can relate to most of it, being I am married to an OKIE!!!!

    Girl you made my day! thanks for the laugh!

    OH and LOL @ you being a bottom feeder bein all down in the hills and stuff! LOL to funny!

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